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Hardened Warriors

The Turga have lived their lives in battle. From childhood, their games are played with dull, wooden weapons and mimic the battle games of the adults. Their uncomplicated lives center around their discipline, honor, and strength of will.

Through 500 years, there were three times that the great Prairie War nearly ended, that the Turga and their allies felt victory within their grasp. However, with every failure to reach that victory, the Keigers grew stronger and more numerous. Renvolf Khan, leader of the Turga, was lost. The Turga lost heart without Renvolf, and were forced to cede the East Tumbara to their sworn enemies. An uneasy truce was reached.

Present Day...

Though time has passed, the pain of loss has not eased. Hurif Khan, the son of Renvolf Khan, leads the Turga people in the West Tumbara prairies to continue their training and to reclaim the land they were forced to abandon and their honor that fell with their king.

One day, brilliant light shone down from above, and the Turga took it as a sign. Men and women both set forth to seek Lime, hoping that the power of Lime could help them reclaim their stolen land and restore their honor.

Available Battle Classes


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