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  • The mailing system in Lime is really rather simple.
  • Located in most town-areas, you can find a mailbox in which to send messages/items to your friends and other players.

rqyrrl.png <===A picture of what the mailbox looks like is right beside this text. When you see this, you've found it.

You've got mail!

How does one know when they have mail? Simply look for the flashing icon! It will be up in the right hand corner of your screen, below the mini-map. ao24x2.png

How can I check it?

So, you've tried clicking on the mail icon and it doesn't work. Well you have to go to an actual mailbox.

Click on the mailbox and you will see the mail-interface.


Simply double click on the mail to check it.

Sending Mail

Sending mail is relatively easy. You can either reply by clicking 'reply' and type out your message, then click 'send'! OR you can send mail via clicking 'compose mail' at the top of the mail interface.


The * * * * * Is the area you can drag items into. You can send items to friends without meeting them face-to-face this way!

The * * * shows the postage fee. Make sure you have the amount it states or you won't be able to send mail!

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