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Use the Mail system to deliver messages, items, or cash to other players.


  • Players may send and receive mail from players after reaching level 30.
  • To view the mailbox, players may click the Mail_Icon.png icon on the map.
  • Mail will last 365 days unless deleted, or unless it deletes itself if the mailbox becomes full.

Unread Mail

  • Text-Only Messages: Deleted in 15 days.
  • Messages with Attachments: Returned to sender in 3 days.
  • Returned Messages: Deleted in 10 days.
  • Returned Auction Hall Items: Deleted in 365 days.


  • An inbox will show 30 messages at a time.
  • Players cannot detach items from messages if there is not enough space in the backpack.
  • Messages with cash or items attached cannot be deleted.
  • Messages that have been read, whether the players has received attachments or not, will be processed by the system when time expires.
  • Each mail may only hold one item.

Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.)

  • Cash on Delivery, or C.O.D, is a way players may charge other players for the items they send.
  • Players may check the 'Cash on Delivery' option and type the amount they wish to charge.


  • When the player has received and collected the item, the money will be sent to the owner by mail.

Please Note: Items may not be received if the player has insufficient funds.

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