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The Order of Mages appeared long before the Great War occurred and with their help many battles were won on both sides. Trained by Ethereals in the use of magic, Mages can harness great power and are capable of causing great destruction. They have taken it upon themselves to become the defenders of Irisians from external influences, even those of Eres or Apollon.

After years of working with magic in its pure energy form, a Mage's skin tone takes on an irregular hue, making them easily identifiable. In continuing their studies, some mages delved into a darker magic. These darker secrets were banned from use by the Order; those who practiced them became outcasts and were driven north. Regardless of which path was taken, the most powerful mages became either Wizards or Witches and were capable of incredible devastation.

With the new feeling of evil washing over Iris and tensions high between the Titans and Knights of Apollon, the Order of Mages has become active again. A small group of Mages supporting the Light have emerged from their studies to aid in the struggle against their darker brethren. Those who choose to remain neutral have also emerged wanting to remove any threat that comes against the Irisian people. Which path will you journey down? Will you swear your allegiance to a god or remain neutral? The choice is yours.

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