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MageMale.jpg MageFemale.jpg
Faction Alliance of Light
Type Caster
Strengths ATK

The Mage is one of three classes available to the Elves.

Class_Icon_Mage.jpg Mages automatically gain + 1 to INT each Level.



One of the hallmarks of the Elf race is their use of magic. No other class so exemplifies this than the Mage. Attacking up close or far away, targeting one foe or many, the Mage uses the power of magic to destroy their enemies. Their ability to harness the power of fire, water, earth, and wind makes the Mage a force to be reckoned with.

Its sister class in the Union of Fury is the Pagan. See a comparison at Mage/Pagan.


  • Awe-inspiring attacks
  • Single-target and area-of-effect attacks
  • Automatically gains intelligence (+1 INT) per level



Normal Mode

  • +5 INT
  • +4 INT, +1 WIS
  • +4 REC, +1 INT
  • +4 REC, +1 WIS
  • +4 LUC, +1 WIS
  • +4 LUC, +1 REC

Hard Mode

  • +7 INT
  • +6 INT, +1 WIS
  • +5 REC, +1 WIS, +1 INT
  • +5 LUC, +1 WIS, +1 INT
  • +5 INT, +2 WIS
  • +4 REC, +3 INT (solo AOE/PvP)
  • +5 INT, +2 REC(solo AOE >25)
  • +7 LUC (Best in higher levels)
  • +7 REC (high level, tank only)

Ultimate Mode

  • +9 INT
  • +7 INT, +2 REC
  • +7 INT, +2 WIS
  • +6 INT, +3 WIS
  • +5 REC, +2 WIS, +2 INT
  • +5 LUC, +2 WIS, +2 INT
  • +4 REC, +5 INT(solo AOE/PvP)
  • +2 REC, +7 INT(solo AOE >25)
  • +9 LUC(Best in higher levels)
  • +9 REC(high level, tank only)

On a side note: There is no real need to follow a fixed build rule. Keep in mind, that following a popular build on the one hand prevents a newbee from doing big mistakes, on the other hand it leads to unique mass builds: You are with the same capabilities like dozens of other players.

I want to encourage you to unse the NM-play time to experiment a bit and add stats like you personal feel the need of it: For example (you use of course mainly INT stats) but:

  • since you feel weak, you add some REC
  • you feel that you miss a lot or get always hurt by mob buffs: add some WIS
  • you wanna do a bet on your luck (believe in luck): add some LUC

Just never add STR and well, don't give too much DEX in your stats.

It's a little bit like cooking: Although you add just small potions of the one ot the other spice: the result is always different and the best cooks don't use cook books, they use experience & feeling.

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