Lv14. Greedy Pirates

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Accepted From: Younger Fisherman Brother Braeden

The items that Braeden needs are finally prepared. You have to take them to the Mayor as soon as possible.

Take the Supply Trailer and find Madeline.

Completion Condition:

Drag the Supply Trailer to Madeline 0/1

Report to: Mayor of Helonia Madeline

Quest Reward:

b0xo.png 9984 Опыт
ydi4.png 56 Серебро


l5qp.png Wolfweave Gauntlets


Pirate Corsair
"Is that everything? Man, that's a lot of stuff... You've done pretty well. Now, step aside. Everything better be here..."

The Pirate Corsair mutters and grunts to himself as he appraises the goods.
Pirate Corsair
"Heh, as I thought, not everything's here; you're trying to cheat us."

The Pirate Corsair snickers ominously.
"What?! How is that possible? I'm certain everything's here..."
Pirate Corsair
"Just recently, adjutant Bluto increased the payment by 20 percent. You must have been told this."
"What? No, we weren't! Twenty percent... how could you do this?! We had an agreement!"

Madeline argues agitatedly with the Pirate Corsair.
Pirate Corsair
"You have guts talking back like that! You must have a death wish!"

The Pirate Corsair's voice rises in a threatening snarl as he draws his weapons.
You feel the rage inside you begin to boil over. Eidolon seems to feel the same way as you both step between the pirate and Madeline.
Pirate Corsair
"You dare to interfere?"

The Pirate Corsair shifts his gaze to you, narrowing his eyes menacingly.
Pirate Corsair
"I think I'll take you out first!"

Abruptly, the Pirate Corsair charges towards you.
"Player, watch out!"
Pirate Corsair
The pirate slashes his blades at you as Eidolon cries out.
You jump back, easily avoiding the attack.
The Pirate Corsair blinks, surprised, but before he can recover enough to attack again, you knock his weapons out of his hands.
Pirate Corsair
"This...what...?! How...?!"
Pirate Corsair
"You vile little twerp! Bluto WILL get all of what he's asked for. If you don't have it all to us by the deadline, we'll kill everyone in Helonia!"
The Pirate Corsair snarls with malice, then hurriedly rushes off.
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