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Behind the scenes of Shaiya's phenomenal artwork is the visionary artist, Eun hee Choi (or 97bzo).

Main website: http://www.kjun.org/.

Making of the Black Goddess: http://www.kjun.org/homepag/bz_etaine_ev.htm

Making of the White Goddess: http://www.kjun.org/homepag/bz_etaine03_ev.htm

Looking at how Choi created these pictures, I've come to realize that her artwork is more than just fancy computer graphics - it's a sculpture.

Sonov Entertainment

Website: http://eng.sonov.com/business/business_shaiya.asp

Based in Korea, Sonov Entertainment is the original creator of Shaiya. It was released in Korea on October 21, 2005, and took 4 billion KRW to make - or ~30 million RMB. (I sure hope Sonov earns its money back.) Since then, the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) has spread to other countries, which is listed on the link above.

TV Ads: http://video.mmosite.com/display.php?vid=3056&gid=258


I have yet to see someone executed by the opposing side.

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