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A Liquid Medicine Merchant is where you go to buy potions for healing SP, HP, MP and various "Abnormal Conditions." They will have the blue tag over their head as depicted here:


The Wares

Item Name Price Effect Required Level
Pomegranate 2500 Restores HP by 434 None
Fireshroom 3600 Restores HP by 588 None
Echobloom 6500 Restores HP by 763 None
Kiden Fruit 2500 Restores SP by 406 None
Torin Plum 3600 Restores SP by 504 None
Hubbin Fruit 6500 Restores SP by 616 None
Green Herb 2500 Restores MP by 448 None
Grapes 3600 Restores MP by 602 None
Magic Herb 6500 Restores MP by 784 None
Mini Healing Potion 6600 Restores HP by 35% Level 27
Healing Potion 9000 Restores HP by 50% Level 33
Mini Stamina Potion 6600 Restores SP by 35% Level 27
Stamina Potion 9000 Restores SP by 50% Level 33
Mini Mana Potion 6600 Restores MP by 35% Level 27
Mana Potion 9000 Restores MP by 50% Level 33
Mini Super Potion 9300 Restores HP, SP, MP all by 30% Level 33
Super Potion 12600 Restores HP, SP, MP all by 50% Level 39
Hypnosis Cure Scroll 1120 Releases Sleep None
Stun Cure Scroll 4290 Releases Stun None
Silence Cure Scroll 4290 Releases Silence None
Darkness Cure Scroll 4290 Releases Darkness None
Stop Cure Scroll 1120 Releases Pause None
Slow Cure Scroll 1120 Releases Slow None
Venom Cure Potion 2500 Cures Poison None
Disease Cure Potion 2500 Cures Illness None
Disorder Cure Potion 2500 Cures Delusion None
Cure Potion 9370 Cures Poison, Illness, and Delusion None
Dispel Potion 9370 Cures Sleep, Stun, Pause, and Slow None
Abolishing Potion 9370 Cures Silence and Darkness None
Blessing Potion 9370 Cures Dull and Bad Luck None
Holy Potion 9370 Cures Doom and Fear None
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