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One of the new additions that came with Shaiya:Eternity (aka Episode 4) was the ability to participate in cross-server PvP. Reaching the linked PvP maps can be done through a portal in each factions main city ; Iris or Apulune. The red circles indicate where the portals are located.

Once you enter the portal, you will find yourself in a waiting room with a few NPCs. There are 3 gatekeepers (one for each zone), a blacksmith, and a liquid medicine merchant present. You can return to your server through the portal located near the gatekeepers.

Simply talk to the appropriate gatekeeper to enter the zone of your choice for a fee.

The linked PvP maps are basically the same as their server counterparts, though there are a couple of differences.

  • The Blessing of the linked PvP maps is independent of the regular servers.
  • The dungeons normally found in their server counterparts are not present.
  • While in the linked PvP zones your guild tag is replaced with a server tag.


As of this writing, there are no 'maps' of the linked PvP areas. Pressing 'M' brings up a frame that displays nothing but you, any party members and the relics but no actual map. The mini-map/radar is affected as well, showing only a black area, similar to when in a dungeon.

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