Legendary Talents:Paladin

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# Name Effect Notes
if7cqq.jpg Code of the Warrior Increases Max HP by +1% each level. "Steel is my body and fire is my soul!"
1zbv681.jpg Warrior of Wrath Increases Malice by +1% each level. "I have things worth protecting, worth giving my life for! If you dare cross me, even if we are to become enemies for life,
I will not hesitate!"
2zoz1b8.jpg Power Infusion Increases Strength by +9 each level. "Oh Lord! Please bestow me the power to blast my enemies into tiny bits, in thine mercy."
2wg9cg1.jpg Sprite's Protection Decreases Damage taken by 1% each level. "When all the sprites stand shoulder to shoulder with me, as a brother, do you think you have any chance to defeat me?"
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