L61.Spriteful Pirate

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Quest Text
(You open and read the mission document of the Four-Seas Chamber of Commence.)

"I am the chamber chairman, Olsen. For a long time, our merchant ships have been constantly threatened by pirates."

"In particular, the Dark Night Pirates not only rob the ship properties but also drop everyone on the ship to the sea and burn the ship."

"This is going too far, we can't stand it anymore."

"I hope you can go to the Dark Night Pirates Camp in the northern east Prism Island and give a lesson to those pirates."

Reward Text
"The only transportation of the Prism Island is ship. Ships are our most important communication tool and source of economy."

"If we can make all our ships sail safely on the sea, that will be bad for our economy." Olsen is very worried.

Post-Quest Text
"You have accomplished your mission! Good job!"

"After you punished them, they will not dare to touch our ships anymore, at least for a very long time. Thank You, <Classname>."
Suggested Level: 61
Start: Blue Whale Port Mission File #1
Finish: Olsen, Prism Island Prairie
(x: 139, y: 193)
  • Level: 61
  • Four Seas Association Repair Hammer
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Quest Chain:

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