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"Defend Iris with Honor, Strength, and Nobility."

Strength: Very high defense, fast hp recovery Weakness: Low magical defense Class Choice A: Royal Knight wielding dual swords Class Choice B: Templar Knight wielding a sword and a shield

The creed of the fabled Knights of Apollon, passed down for generations, lives on today. Normal humans, imbued by Apollon with great skill in weaponry, speed, and battle tactics, the Knights have lived defending Iris from the treacherous Titans. Their warfare secrets are carefully guarded and only given to those who prove themselves worthy through their actions both on and off the battlefield. Those honored few, dubbed either Royal or Templar Knights, are the elite squad of the Knights of Apollon and the most powerful warriors Iris has to offer.

Headquartered in Randol, the Knights are spread throughout the country and have been put on high alert as rumors have been heard of an army building in the North and West. Scouts have been sent out and word is awaited to either confirm or dispel the rumors. Enlistments are high as Irisians answer the call to come to Randol and once again drive back evil from their land.

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