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Jelly_Rabbit_Coin.png Type Token Tradable Yes
Description Amazing coins that can be exchanged for a gift with the Jelly Rabbit Fan Club.
Drop from Pottery
Buyable at Drop only
Resell 45 copper.png

These coins can be found throughout the world of Saphael. Break vases and treasure chests you find around the world to collect them.

Once you have enough coins you can redeem them with any Jelly Rabbit Fan Club NPC (found beside each teleporter). They will give you a Jelly Rabbit Gift Box in exchange.

Right click to open the box, prizes are random.

(Most often is Health / Energy potions; Also it can be Jelly Rabbit summon items, rare mounts, quest item for Jelly Rabbit Cape) Jelly Rabbit cape is in all levels and you can choose from an HP regenerating or MP regenerating cape.


Jelly Rabbit Mystery Gift 1 - Level 20

Jelly Rabbit Mystery Gift 2 - Level 30

Jelly Rabbit Mystery Gift 3 - Level 40

Jelly Rabbit Mystery Gift 4 - Level 50

  • 5 Super Ether
  • 5 Super Potion
  • Blue Jelly Rabbit Summoning Stones
  • Blue Jelly Rabbit Disguise Mask
  • Blue Jelly Rabbit Backpack (12 slots)
  • Various Equips (level 50-59)
  • collar of love

Jelly Rabbit Mystery Gift 5 - Level 60

Need a confirm on these names

  • Wonder Ether x3 -confirmed
  • 5 Wonder Potion
  • Mushroom Jelly Rabbit Summoning Stones
  • Magic Mushroom Jelly Rabbit Disguise Mask
  • Magic Mushroom Jelly Rabbit Backpack (14 slots)
  • Various Equips (level 60-69) -confirmed

Jelly Rabbit Mystery Gift 6 - Level 70

Need a confirm on these names

  • Turbo Ether x3- confirmed
  • Turbo Potion x3 - confirmed
  • Bloomin' Jelly Rabbit Summoning Stones x1 - confirmed
  • Bloomin' Jelly Rabbit Disguise Mask
  • Bloomin' Jelly Rabbit Backpack (16 slots)
  • Various Equips (level 71-75)

Jelly Rabbit Mystery Gift 7 - Level 80

Need a confirm on these names

  • Dream either x3 - confirmed
  • Dream potion x3 - confirmed
  • Sakura Jelly Rabbit Summoning Stones
  • Sakura Jelly Rabbit Disguise Mask
  • Sakura Jelly Rabbit Backpack (?? slots)
  • Various Equips (level ??)
  • Blue Jelly Rabitt Backpack (12 slots) confirmed
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