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Scarlet Blade item mall can be found on the Scarlet Blade website at the Item Mall section.

All purchases through the Item Mall require the use of Aeria Points.

Common Terms and knowledge

(NT) = Non-Tradable: This item _cannot_ be sold or traded to other players or NPCs.

Free Welcome Package: This Package is a special prize given to an account when the player purchases any item at the Item Mall for the first time (the AP used must be purchased with real money, it doesn't work if it's AP gained through any other means). The delivering can take a while and it's a single-time prize for each account.

Limit per User: Some items of Item Mall has purchasing limits. Each account can only purchase that quantity listed at the item.

Available Items: Some items have a limited number at the shop at any given time. That number is for all players, not only for a specific account.

Lucky Boxes: A Lucky Box is a purchasing lottery. When you purchase a Lucky Box, you will receive any of the listed items, at random with unknown chances.

Item Mall Content

As of 2014-08 the Item Mall contains the following departments:

Featured: Main Items, promotions, limited purchases, starting kits.

Main Boutique: Divided into six sections.

Beauty Shop: Lingerie Unsealer, Grafting Tools and costumes Lucky boxes.

Enhancement: Items for enhancing equipment.

Kilocrystals: Special section for Kilocrystals, a equipment grade-changing item.

Inventory: This section has Backpack and Warehouse increases.

Boosters: You can purchase Skill resets, EXP boosters, revival items and CP recovers.

Packpages: Special packpages. Each pack has a list of items that, if put together, are more expensive than the whole pack.

69 AP Shop: This is a special Shop at the Item Mall. All items here have the same price (69 AP) and have limit per user.

Pet Shop: This section has Pet related items, like datachips, new pets, Pet EXP boosters and such.

♥Costumes♥ : This section is divided with a tab for each class. It sells costumes and costumes lucky boxes.

◄Flashy Lingerie►: Also divided with a tab for each class, this section sells lingeries.

Bikes: You can purchase Bikes and Bikes Lucky Boxes.

Loot Wheel: You can spend AP at the loot whell, for a chance to score items.

Loot Forge: You can spend AP and try to get items with a chance to keep the item you got or continue playing to score better items (or lose what you had). Tiered Spender: By purchasing and spending AP at the Item Mall, you can fill all the Tiered Spenders meters and claim items. You can claim (and sometimes choose between options) items or continue spending for better prizes.

Free Rewards: You can get free rewards for your account by using special codes.

GM Service

With the GM Service you can do one of the following:

  • Item - Choose any item you want (No jewels, no pvp gear)
  • Enhance to +12 - Have one piece of your gear, or weapon enhanced to level 12
  • Level Up - Have a character set to level 39, 44 or 49 (will not level your pet)

You cannot ask for these:

  • PvP gear: This gear has the exact same stats as normal gear but is worse since it cannot be randomized. It also doesn't drop in game therefore cannot be asked for.
  • Request any Jewels: We will not be selling jewels therefore will not be giving them out as an item of choice. Although they do drop in-game for balance reasons we will not be selling/offering with a service these jewels.
  • Sell/buy a service from another player: Once you qualify for the tier the service is attached to your account. Even if you sell/trade a letter it will still be attached to your account. The letter is a representation of the service a player has qualified for and should be only be used to allow you to keep track of what you are entitled to. Selling your letter to another player in-game will be viewed as a scam and as a result you could forfeit your service. A warning to players you cannot buy letters in game!
  • Level Your Pet: GM will not level your pet with this service.
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