Investigation and Information Gathering

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bookquest.png Investigation and Information Gathering
Level 13
Region Tranquil Hill
Given by Julian
at (180, 344)
Type Secondary quest (repeatable)


Quest Information



1700 Character EXP

200 Seabell Shipping Fame

158 th_coin_silver.png



Initial Dialogue

"We must keep an eye on the Eagle Gang's movements," said Julian. "If they have any brains, they'll be watching us, too."
"With your help, we've started proactively attacking the bandits."
"We need their Battle Plan; go into their camp and see if you can get it from the Eagle Gang Assassins."
"Also, remember to check out the camp. I need to know more about the bandits."

Intermediate Dialogue

"The secret of scouting is moving quickly." Julian furrowed his brow as he sized you up. "So, why are you still here?"
"The Eagle Gang Assassins should have the Battle Plan."
"Check the camp carefully. I need as much information as you can glean."

Reward Dialogue

"Let's see..." Julian read the Battle Plan.
"It's a pity that this isn't the latest version of their scheme." He sighed. "They're constantly updating their plans."
"You've tried your best. Go get some rest. We'll talk about our next move later."
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