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As you explore the different regions of Litos, you will come upon all sorts of items. Having a backpack to put all of your items in is absolutely necessary for an adventurer. Here are some basic facts about your inventory:
  • Your inventory shows you the items you are currently carrying.
  • You can take off or put on equipment, or use items using your inventory screen.
  • You can throw away items by dragging the item to the trash can. Or, you can toss away an item by dragging it outside of your inventory window. In both cases, a pop-up warning is displayed asking you to confirm deletion of items.
  • The amount of items you are carrying in your inventory will add to your overall weight. You will get a penalty for having too heavy of an inventory.
Here are the different mouse shortcuts for using your inventory efficiently:
Shortcut Effect
Right ClickUse or equip an item
Left Double ClickUse or equip an item
Left Click & DragMove the item to another slot, or move to delete
Shift + Left Double ClickSell and/or trade an item
Shift + Right ClickSell and/or trade an item

Weight Penalties

If you fill up your inventory with too many items your weight gauge will increase. Here are the penalties for different weight statuses:
Status Gauge Level Description
49% or lessInventory_Gauge1.jpgEverything is normal here, nothing to worry about!
50% - 82%Inventory_Gauge2.jpgYour pack is getting heavier. You can no longer heal on your own, you must use a potion to heal.
83% or moreInventory_Gauge3.jpgYour inventory is very heavy now. You are unable to go into combat now until you lower your load.

Inventory Organization

For ease of viewing, you can select different tabs on your inventory to view only items of that category. Space limitations are not counted in these tabs as they are used only for viewing purposes.
Tab Type Description
Inventory_Type1.jpg AllThis displays the whole list, with all of your items.
Inventory_Type2.jpg EquipmentDisplays only Equipment items.
Inventory_Type3.jpg ConsumptionDisplays only Consumable items such as potions.
Inventory_Type4.jpg MaterialDisplays only Materials used for crafting.
Inventory_Type5.jpg OthersDisplays all other types of items not included in the above three categories (Equipment, Consumption or Material).
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