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Every game has a story to tell.... here is how the story of Grand Fantasia begins....

Ever since the dawn of time, the world has been held in balance by the power of the sprites. It is said that in the earliest days, before the people of Saphael had split into competing tribes and factions, humans could interact with these mystical creatures. In those times, humans lived in a state of harmony with Nature, and sprites were plentiful throughout the land.

Unfortunately, this age of tranquility would not last. As the tribes of Saphael continued to splinter and sever ties, their natural bond with the sprites also began to fade. They eventually spread to all corners of the world and built settlements – razing forests, clearing fields, and tearing down mountains to erect their majestic cities.

Driven by an insatiable desire for power over their human brethren, some of these factions ventured deep into the earth where they unlocked dark and ancient secrets that would ultimately threaten to destroy all of mankind. Perhaps chief among these dangers were the great demon lords and dragons that terrorized the people of Saphael and set their villages and cities ablaze..

Sprite Messengers

All would have been lost if it were not for the emergence of the Sprite Messengers. These rare and remarkable people had managed to preserve their link with the sprites while the rest of humanity had moved on. The sprites granted these individuals magical powers to combat the evil and help restore balance to the world. The whole of Saphael would unite behind these legendary few and together, they would beat back the forces of darkness that had once threatened to overwhelm them.

The peace was short-lived. The various factions that had united under the leadership of the Sprite Messengers soon returned to their ways and went to war with each other. Worse, even the Messengers came to be affected. Although they had previously seemed above such petty divisions, many of them took sides in the conflict while only a handful remained to try and ease hostilities. The period that ensued would come to be known as the “Great Saphael War.”

The Great Saphael War

The war lasted several generations and was far worse than anything Saphael had ever seen. Countless innocents were killed, families were torn apart, villages were razed, cities were destroyed, and powers constantly shifted. The world descended into a long age of darkness.

During this time, a reclusive group of Sprite Messengers fled to a tiny island off the southern coast of the mainland. They settled the uninhabited island and came to call it Siwa, after a great hero from the time before the War. These few remaining Sprite Messengers renewed and strengthened their union with Nature in the hope that one day the power of the sprites would be great enough to restore balance and save Saphael from its calamitous fate.

The flames of the Great War would eventually abate and gradually, the people of Saphael would begin to recover. This tenuous calm, however, has been threatened once again by a great evil that has awoken from deep within the earth – a kind unseen since the Age of the Ancients.

Children of Siwa Island

Although Saphael is now a shell of its former self, a beacon of hope shines brightly from the shores of Siwa Island. The descendents of the final Sprite Messengers are coming of age and are almost ready to leave their island home. Will they follow in the footsteps of their ancestors and strive for balance, or will they succumb to Saphael’s divisions and turn against each other? This is where your story begins.

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