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It's quite frustrating starting a new game and not knowing how certain mechanics of the game work. This quick index was created with the most relevant shortcuts for new players. Take some time to read through and navigate to the pages to further your insight on the DK Online.



Getting Started

DK Online is free to download and free to play! This section will walk you through creating an account (if you don't already have one), downloading the game, and installing it. You'll also find tips on creating and customizing your character.

Game Interface

What does this thing do? And that? And how about this thing-a-majig? If you've ever felt like thing when you've started a game then this section will be useful for you. It will help you navigate throught the User Interface and even give you a list of NPCs that can help you in your adventures.

Game Controls

With such a vast world to explore you're going to need to know how to move around. This section will give you all the details of how to move around and explore all the crevises of this amazingly beautiful world. This section will also explore the different icons that your mouse may transform into.


What's your playstyle? Are you an in your face, brute force will always win kind of person? Or do you preffer being at a distance and watching your foes disintegrate before they even reach you? This section will break down the classes and give you a better understanding of the playstyles of all the classes.


In a land driven into chaos by the dark forces, the war prone races must now unite in an effort to salvage their world. Learn more about the races and the history the led to their eventual war like state.

Castle Siege

This PvP (player versus player) system in DK Online is a large scale battleground were guilds contest certain castles for the right to be the soveriegn of that land. Being the King (as well as guild members of the King) has it's perks.

Social Connections

DK Online makes it easy to keep in touch with people. In your journey you'll encounter interesting people who you'll want to keep in contact with. This section will help you understand how to stay in contact with them.

Items and Storage

Your backpack can fill up quickly! Luckily, every item has a purpose--it can add upgrades or enhancements, sell for a pretty penny, or even be stored away for future use.

Item Mall

Whether you're looking for a sleek new costume to show off your sassy side or leveling aids, the DK Online Item Mall has everything you're looking for! This section will walk you through the simple purchasing process. Item Mall offerings change frequently, so check back often!
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