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1. Status Window [Alt+T, T] This window displays the current status of your character. Available information includes character name, level, hit points, and character's progress towards the next level.

2. Target Window This Window will only be active if you know the Name and the HP of a monster or another character. The color of the name also indicates the strength of the monster in relation to your own level. An enemy whose name appears in blue would be weaker than your character, while one in red would be stronger.

3. Compass, Map, and Radar [Alt+W, W] The Compass is located at the top-right hand corner of the game screen. The Compass points in the direction that your character is facing. This will assist you in moving within the large in-game environments. The Compass also helps in tracking targets, quest locations, or even other players. By clicking a target in the world, the radar will display the target in the Compass window and track it with a small dot.

4. Chat Window This window display chat messages from the Game Masters as well as other players on Last Chaos. Chat are categorized into: All, Party, Guild, and Trade Chats. You may also select from the bottom row of tabs to filter chat messages or send messages without repeatedly entering their shortcuts.

5. Shortcut Bar You may place items from your inventory window, actions from the action window, or skills and spells from the Skill & Magic window by dragging and dropping desired objects into the Shortcut Bar. The registered shortcut can be used by pressing [F1]-[F10] on the keyboard, or it can also be accessed just by a simple mouse click. Aside from the initial 10 slots on the Shortcut Bar, you are also given the access of up to 3 Shortcut Bars, giving you a total of 30 slots. You can access these additional shortcuts by clicking the arrows at the top of the bar, or by pressing [ALT + 1 - 3] or [ALT + F1 - F3].

6. Item Mall The Item Mall in Last Chaos is an in-game shop that offers items to enhance your gameplay experience, as well as help you achieve the competitive edge needed to go head to head with "Power Gamers". Before you can use the item mall in Last Chaos you must first purchase your Aeria Points here.

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