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Trying to give this page some purpose... as well as prevent the achievements page from becoming one big block of a hundred links to different pages that we really do not need.

Something like this, but also including the base foods and all the options for results, and the stats they boost?

The problem with the achievement page is that they try to group by region, when later on all the parts can come from three different locations. Atalantachan 15:54, 20 January 2014 (EST)




Plant Ingredient Location

Helonia Coast

Plant Ingredient Location

Crescent Hill

Plant Ingredient Location

Cactakara Forest

Plant Ingredient Location
Colorful Water Mushrooms Small Colored Mushrooms
Colorful Water Mushrooms Multicolored Water Mushroom
Energizing Cabbage Vigor Leaves Competition Arena
Sour Fruit Tree Small Cranberry

Demarech Mines

Plant Ingredient Location
Demarech Flowers Miracle Flower
Oasis Spices Oasis Spices
Demarech Fruit Tree Miracle Thornapple
Demarech Fruit Tree Miracle Plum
Nest of Twigs Egg
Nest of Twigs Giant Egg

Triatio Highlands

Plant Ingredient Location
Desert Vines Sand-Vine Fruit Right Side
Highland Wheat Highland Wheat Flour Top Left
Coconut Tree Sweet Coconut Stone Hammer Tribe

Candeo Marsh

Plant Ingredient Location
Garlic Plant Fresh Garlic Sprouts Thousand Water Marsh
Cocoa Tree Cocoa Fruit South Area
Coconut Tree Sweet Coconut Awlstone Forest

Ventos Prairie

Plant Ingredient Location
Wind Spice Bush Green Alsspice
Wind Spice Bush Green Bay Leaves
Grape Vine Grapes Northern edge
Grape Vine Raisins Northern edge

Oblitus Wood

Plant Ingredient Location

Star Sand Desert

Plant Ingredient Location
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