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When your in a rush to buy a reurrection rune and don’t have time to relog and purchase from the Web Item Mall then the In-game Item Mall is a great tool. Although you can not redeem promotional sales from it, you can purchase and retrieve items right in game.

You can get to it by clicking on the coin icon above the Bless bar. SLUvB82.jpg


Item Mall interface


  1. Shows your toons information
  2. Shows the current amount of ap available to spend, as well as, a button to allow you to buy more if needed.
  3. Tabs of the different categories available to you
    1. Popular - items that are purchased often in the item mall
    2. Essentials - consumable items for your character (resurrection runes, experience increase, prevent of items/experience loss) and for Linking.
    3. Buffs - consumable items that increase your characters stats.
    4. Packages - packages of items selected by the promotional team to assist players.
    5. Costumes - items that allow you to wear a costume, these particular ones tend to be priced higher as they are able to be gifted.
    6. Pets - items that allow you to have a companion, these particular ones tend to be priced higher as they are able to be gifted.
  4. Allows you to view items you have purchased through the in-game item mall or have received as a gift from another account.
  5. Allows you to check your in-game purchase history
  6. Allows you to purchase the item selected
  7. Allows you to gift the item selected
  8. Pressed to cancel and exit the item mall

Gift Box


The Gift box works like the Bank teller, once the items you purchased or were gifted have been placed in the gift box you can retrieve them and they will be placed in your inventory. You can not put items back into the gift box.

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