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Welcome to the magical city of Ilya.


Basic Information:

  • Location Type = City
  • Dungeon = No

Important Notes:

  • Ilya is where those wishing to aspire into the Priest and Mage classes need to go to visit the class master before they can upgrade into their specific class choosing.
  • The mount for this city is a Wolf, and requires Reputation points with the Ilya Elder Council before you can acquire the Noble Wolf mount.
  • When doing Guild quests from the Ilya Guild Affairs officer, one of the rewards of completion is that you gain Ilya City reputation points.
  • The following maps also give you Ilya city reputation points for completing quests:
  1. Shell Hill
  2. Moonlight Forest
  3. Ancient Forest
  4. Black Swamp
  5. Bone Reef Peninsula
  6. Land of Sighs
  7. Misty Wetlands
  8. Gaia Woodlands
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