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For Illisionist class outfits: Human, Zumi, Anuran, Ursun, Halfkin

For more information on Magic DPS class types go, here


Jesters may seem friendly, but be wary. As masters of deception, the Illusionist class is highly skilled at distraction and enchantment.

If their outlandish jester hats and checkered outfits aren't disorienting enough to the enemy, the Illusionist can cast several hypnotizing spells and summon an arcane pet to help in battle.

Illusionists can also restore MP to party members.



Passive Abilities

Icon Ability Name Description
wellread.png Well Read Increases P-ATK and M-ATK +30% when equipped with a Grimoire.
clotharmormastery.png Cloth Armor Mastery Can wear Cloth Armor. Check equipment type in the armor's description.
changing.png Changing (Human only) Malice caused by attacks -10%.
criticalguard.png Critical Guard (Zumi only) Received P-CRIT DMG -15%
thickskin.png Thick Skin (Anuran only) Received M-DMG -5%
strongcurse.png Strong Curse (Ursun only) M-CRIT Rate +20%
dimensionflash.png Dimension Flash (Halfkin Only) Increases Double Hit Rate by 2%, but each strike deals less damage than the last.


Class Skills

Icon Class Lv. Skill Name Type of Skill Cast Time Cooldown Description Duration
deadlyicicle.png 5 Deadly Icicle IceType.png Ice 2s None Strikes a target with Ice damage 3 times, each hit dealing less damage.

Affected by M-ATK.

ancientcall.png 10 Ancient Call Summon 2s None Summons a Mecha Jinn equal to your skill level. The pet increases M-DMG to enemies +10%. Cannot be cast in combat. Until killed
emissary.png 10 Emissary Summon Attack Instant None Tasks your pet with attacking a specific target. None
stimulation.png 15 Stimulation Party Buff 1.5s None Increases ATK SPD and Cast SPD of each party member within 25 feet for 18 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. 18s
mindsurge.png 20 Mind Surge Party Buff Instant 15s Restores the MP of party members within 25 feet for 15 seconds. 15s
mindcontrolf.png 25 Mind Control Debuff 2s 30s Charms a target below skill level for 30 seconds, redirecting it to attack the caster's enemies. Also reduces received M-DMG -50%. No effect on boss monsters. 30s
hypnoticeye.png 30 Hypnotic Eye Debuff 2s None Hypnotizes all enemies in a 20-foot target area, making them sleep for 12 seconds. Increases the next damage they receive . Cancels upon attack; does not cancel upon Damage over Time. 12s
psionicfocus.png 40 Psionic Focus Self Buff Instant 30s Makes caster Invisible for 30 seconds and increases M-CRIT Rate. Caster receives double damage if attacked. Not available during combat. 30s
ineffectivemagic.png 50 Ineffective Magic Self Buff Instant 60s Reduces M-DMG taken and reflects 20% of damage back to the attacker for 30 seconds. 30s
aerolite.png 60 Aerolite FireType.png Fire 6s 20s Deals Fire damage to a 20-foot target area, Knockdown effect, last for 3 seconds. No effect on boss monsters.

Affected by M-ATK.

4ccVq.jpg 72 Hurricane Illusion NatureType.png Nature Instant 4s Deals Nature damage to targets within a 15-foot range and has a 15% chance to knock targets 10 feet backwards. No effect on boss monsters.

Affected by M-ATK.


Regular Skills

Icon Character Lv. Skill Name Type of Skill Cast Time Cooldown Description Duration
firebomb.png 1 Fire Bomb FireType.png Fire 1.5s Instant Deals Fire damage to an enemy with a 15% chance to Stun the enemy for 3 seconds.

Affected by M-ATK.

winterchill.png 3 Winter Chill IceType.png Ice 1.5s None Inflicts Ice damage per second to a target for 12 seconds. Also reduces target's Move SPD -10%. Stacks up to 3 times.

Not affected by M-ATK.

lightningweb.png 5 Lightning Web LightningType.png Lightning None 6s Deals Lightning damage to all enemies within 15 feet.

Affected by M-ATK.

magicboost.png 7 Magic Boost Self Buff Instant 60s Increases caster's INT points and Cast SPD points for 30 seconds. 30s
dimensionaljump.png 9 Dimensional Jump Self Buff Instant 6s Teleports the caster 20 feet forward. Also increases the caster's EVA. 6s

Racial Skills

Icon Race Character Lv. Skill Name Type of Skill Cast Time Cooldown Description Duration
QuickEscape.jpg Human 45 Quick Escape Self Buff Instant 30s Increases the caster's Move SPD for 6 seconds, then heals the caster. 6s
Purification.jpg Human 60 Purification Self Buff Instant 30s Clears negative status effects on the caster and restores MP each second. 6s
SoulExplosion.jpg Zumi 45 Soul Explosion FireType.png Fire Instant 30s Increases the caster's MATK and deals damage to all enemies within 15 feet, knocking them back and decreasing their Move SPD. 3s
PerfectDisguise.jpg Zumi 60 Perfect Disguise Self Buff Instant 30s Transforms the caster into a box, increasing DEF and reducing P-DMG and Move SPD. Effect will be canceled immediately after attacking. 10s
Sirocco.jpg Anuran 45 Sirocco NatureType.png Nature 2s 30s Increases the caster's M-ATK, deals Nature DMG to all enemies within 60 feet in a straight line and Stuns them. 5s
EnergyDrain.jpg Anuran 60 Energy Drain Self Buff Instant 30s Restores MP to the caster whenever they attack or use a skill. 20s
TerrifyingRegeneration.jpg Ursun 45 Terrifying Regernation Self Buff Instant 30s Heals the caster each second for 10 seconds. Whenever a lower level enemy attacks the caster, they are inflicted with the Fear status for 3 seconds. 10s
GravityShield.jpg Ursun 60 Gravity Shield Debuff Instant 30s Reduce the ATK SPD and P-ATK of all enemies within 15 feet. 15s
IcicleShield.jpg Halfkin 45 Icicle Shield IceType.png Ice 2s 30s Inflicts the Winter Chill status, for 12 seconds, on enemies that attack the caster.

The DMG of Winter Chill status is based on the level of Icicle Shield.

FadeAway.jpg Halfkin 60 Fade Away Self Buff Instant 30s Reduce the caster's Malice whenever they attack or use a skill. 30s


Knowledge Tree

Class Expertise

Icon Name Max. Lvl Requirements Description
Pyrotechnics.png Pyrotechnics 20 None For each level, M-CRIT Rate +1%
Avid_Reader.png Avid Reader 20 None For each level, when equipped with a Grimoire, Grimoire's ATK & M-ATK +1%
Showmanship.png Showmanship 20 None For each level, M-CRIT DMG +2%
Psychology.png Psychology 10 None For each level, INT +1%
Legerdemain.png Legerdemain 20 None For each level, Cast SPD +1%
High_Level_Illusion.png High level Illusion 20 None For each level, EVA +1%
Read_Minds.png Read Minds 20 None For each level, ACC +2%
Deadly_Icicle.png Cold Front 5 Psychology Lv.5 For each level, DMG from Deadly Icicle +2%
Physical_Domination.png Physical Domination 5 15 Knowledge Pts. For each level, Max HP +2%
Stimulation.png Latent Energy 1 15 Knowledge Points

Legerdemain Lv.10

When using Stimulation, ATK SPD & Cast SPD bonuses +10%
Mind_Control.png Mind Domination 10 20 Knowledge Pts. For each level, Mind Control's duration +1 sec.
Hypnotic_Eye.png Hypnotism 1 20 Knowledge Pts.

Read Minds lv.10

When using Hypnotic Eye, P-ATK DMG bonus +20% & duration +2 sec.
Transformation.png Transformation 5 25 Knowledge Pts. For each level, Malice caused by attacks -2%
Psionic_Focus.png Expanded Conciousness 1 25 Knowledge Pts.

Mind Domination Lv.5

When using Psychedelic, M-CRIT Rate bonus +20%, duration +5 sec
Aerolite.png Compressed Gravity 5 30 Knowledge Pts. For each level, DMG from Aerolite +2%
Spiritual_Domination.png Spiritual Domination 10 30 Knowledge Pts. For each level, Max MP +1%
Ineffective_Magic.png Magic Backlash 1 35 Knowledge Pts.

Spiritual Domination

When using Ineffective Magic, M-ATK DMG received -20%, Reflected DMG +20%
Mind_Surge.png Awakening 1 35 Knowledge Pts. When using Mind Surge, MP Regen +20% per second, duration +2 sec.


Icon Certificate Name Class Level Description
avatarmaster.png Avatar Master I 10 EVA +4%
Avatar Master II 40 EVA +8%
timetrick.png Time Trick I 20 Cast SPD +5%
Time Trick II 50 Cast SPD +10%
illusioncontrol.png Illusion Control I 30 Decreases MP cost of casting skills by -2%.
Illusion Control II 60 Decreases MP cost of casting skills by -5%.

Certificate Combinations

Certificate combinations for equipping any Certificate unlocked by Magician, Illusionist, and Warlock.

Number of Certificates Combination Name Description
2 Intelligence Increase INT +2%
3 Magic Moon Fire Bomb and Lightning Web damage increase by +10%
4 Demon Spell Master Max MP +20%, M-Crit + 10%

Class Specific Certificate Combinations

Certificate combinations for equipping specific Certificates while using the Illusionist.

Combinations Effects
Illusion_Control.png + Avatar_Master.png
Illusion Control / Avatar Master
Stimulation +5sec duration
Elemental_Fusion.png + Time_Tricks.png
Elemental Fusion / Time Trick
Deadly Icicle +12% DMG

Equipment Types

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