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iNoob is a casual, social, and helpful guild who is looking to have fun and work towards being better. We are all friends who like to joke around a lot and work together in trials, dungeons, etc. Our members consist of people all over the world with a wide range of ages. The guild has a Facebook [closed] group, and we hold guild events. If you see any of us around, say hi!


(Thanks to our Founders that have now gone to other ventures ;)

Flipsie - Founder
Taeko - Co-Founder


Movae - Leader



Guild Type

iNoob is a casual and well-rounded guild. We like to participate in all that we can and we have all kinds of members.
The guild would mostly be considered as:
    • Misc guilds have no specific focus and are usually multiple types at once.
    • Social guilds concentrate on the social aspect of the game and are mainly intended to be used as chat rooms.
    • Assist guilds are there for the people. They will help when they can to solve any problem they can.

Guild level

Guild is currently level 11
Forest Guild Town


We are a multicultural guild but basic English is a must.

Primary Channel

Channel 6 but members are not limited and may go to whichever channel.


iNoob is recruiting!
PM any of the leaders or officers for an invite.


    • The guild has NO guild fame or gold donation requirements to stay in the guild. Promotions are based on contribution to the guild and are decided between leaders and officers.
    • Must be Level 30+ to join
    • Basic English
    • Active (Members who have not given excuse to their leave and have been inactive for 1 month will be kicked)
    • A good sense of humor
    • Must be respectful towards others (We do have a 'mean' sense of humor and like to joke around a lot but please be aware not to cross the line)
    • Don't Ninja, don't afk in Arena.

Website (private facebook)

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