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Settled Nomads

Before Lime entered the world once again, Humans made their livings on the open sea. Their lives were not easy, nor were the seas kind, but humanity struggled on.

Five hundred years ago, a broken and battered ship was forced to make harbor in a land filled with blue coral. The proud ship Green Leaf no longer stood proudly above the waves, and the humans that emerged fared little better than their vessel. Thin and weak from lack of food, they carried their children onto the shore and determined that this land should now be their home.

Time Passed...

Within the forest, the surviving crew of the Green Leaf built a thriving community based around the coral of the area. They named their town Blue Coral, and many of the world's greatest craftsmen come from this small coastal area. Young humans still cannot escape the adventurous spirit of their ancestors, and many have left home to seek out the Goddess' Lime.

Available Battle Classes


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