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A Heroic Trait is acquired when making a character.

  • You may only pick one Heroic Trait per character.

Heroic Traits are located next to a players current Character Level on the Character Interface.


Obtaining a Heroic Trait

Heroic Traits

Heroic Traits are first obtained when a player makes their character.

When a player finishes choosing the details of their character, they may notice a box containing eight Heroic Trait choices.


  • Player may select a Heroic Trait to view the details.

Changing a Heroic Trait

Everybody needs to play different roles sometimes, don't be held back by the wrong heroic trait!

Players may change their Heroic Traits with a Heroic Trait Transformation

Using a Heroic Trait Transformation will bring up a window containing the eight Heroic Traits

Heroic Traits

Selecting your heroic trait is one of the most important part when creating a new character. There is a total of 8 and each gives a special permanent bonus to your character that can make a difference in game. It is the second step when creating a character.

Each Heroic Trait give Stat Bonuses specific to their trait.


With Leadership traits, you've got the passion and bravery to go the distance. You can overcome your trials and press forward, and that's something anyone can respect.

The Leadership Trait gives players HP+12%, and MP+12%. Defense classes may use this HP increase to their advantage for surviving those difficult Boss attacks. The HP increase is also great for other classes as an advantage for survival. The MP increase is great for those classes who cast may spells and are easily depleted of their MP.


With Guardian traits, you've always got your friends' backs. People feel safe and secure around you. You may not impress at first glance, but throughout your adventures, people will realize how indispensable you are.

The Guardian Trait gives the player Defense +10% and Elemental Resistance +15. This Trait is great for Defense Classes, and other Classes hoping to obtain Elemental Resistances.


With Apostle traits, you embody wisdom and knowledge. You can sense even slight traces of magic. Because you've seen the true nature of things, you devote yourself to the study of truth...and casting awesome spells.

The Apostle traits gives the player Intelligence+10% and Magic Attack+5%. This trait is great for players choosing a Magic class. Note that INT increases M-ATK.


With Commando traits, you love a good challenge and testing your limits. Sometimes you might get bored with peace and rile things up, but there's no one people want by their side more when danger is afoot.

The Commando Trait gives players Strength+10% and Physical Attack+5%. This trait is great for Defense classes and Melee classes. Strength increases Block Rate when equipped with a Shield. Strength also increases Physical attack when not equipped with a shield giving an advantage to those Melee classes.


With Sanctum traits, you're fair and care about the welfare of others. Even when your team falls into danger, your mercy may be what saves the day. Deep down, you know they appreciate it when you patch them up.

The Sanctum Trait gives Wisdom+15% and G-Healing +5%. This trait is great for Healing classes, as well as some Defense classes. Wisdom increases Group Healing and Personal Healing.


With Maverick traits, you give off an air of peace and independence. You don't mind going it alone; reputation and profit aren't what drive you. Those who you meet on your journey may come to know the real you as you help each other.

The Maverick Trait gives Agility+10% and Attack Speed+5%. This trait is great for all classes. The attack speed increase is great for Melee classes looking for more physical attack. With the Agility increase it's great for classes looking for evasion, parry, attack speed, and cast speed attributes.


With Adventurer characteristics, you're filled with an endless curiosity that keeps you exploring the world. You head into danger, but always manage to escape disaster.

The Adventurer Trait gives Luck+10% and Critical Damage+10%. This trait is great for those Range and Melee classes. Luck gives players a higher chance of Critical Rate and Damage. This trait is also great for those classes wanting to focus in Accuracy.

Crack Shot

With Crack Shot traits, you rock like a rebel, solving problems your own way. You don't regret things, just learn and move on. People might think you're unreasonable, but you're passionate about results.

The Crack Shot Trait gives Luck+10% and Magic Critical Damage+10%. This trait is great for those Magic classes as well as those Templar's wanting to focus in M-Crit. This trait is also great for those classes wanting to focus in Accuracy.


Icon Name Stat Bonus Increases Recommended Classes
icon_makeup01.jpg Leadership HP +12% HP, MP Good For all Classes
MP +12%
icon_makeup02.jpg Guardian DEF +10% DEF, All Elemental Resistances Warrior, Knight, Templar, Samurai
ELEM Resistance +5%
icon_makeup03.jpg Apostle INT +10% M-ATK Magician, Illusionist, Warlock
M-ATK +5%
icon_makeup04.jpg Commando STR +10% P-ATK, Block Rate when equipped with shield Warrior, Knight, Martial Artist, Blade Dancer, Samurai
P-ATK +5%
icon_makeup05.jpg Sanctum WIS +15% General Healing, Personal Healing Cleric, Bard, Shaman, Templar
G-HEAL +5%
icon_makeup06.jpg Maverick AGI +10% EVA, Attack SPD, Cast SPD, Parry Good For all Classes
icon_makeup07.jpg Adventurer LCK +10% CRIT Rate, P-CRIT Rate, ACC, CRIT Damage Hunter, Engineer, Thief, Martial Artist, Blade Dancer, Samurai
icon_makeup08.jpg Crack Shot LCK +10% CRIT Rate, M-CRIT Rate, ACC, M-CRIT Damage Magician, Illusionist, Warlock, Templar
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