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Editing Pages

Editing a page on the Eden Eternal wikia involves some basic HTML and following a few templates.
  • If you are unsure if the coding is right, click the 'Show Preview' button to see if your coding fits what you want the page to look like.
  • If you are unsure of the templates, look at a template page or a page with a topic similar to yours.
The current linkage system to pages outside of this wiki has some issues. Please be patient.

Uploading Images

  • To upload an image from another website, right-click the image and click 'Properties' on the drop-down menu. Copy the URL shown and paste it onto the desired page at the desired space.
  • To upload an image from a computer, press the icon that looks like an image to access the wizard.

Creating an Account

An Aeria Games account must be made before editing this wiki.
This wiki requires that you sign in every time you want to edit a page; there is no 'Remember Log-in' option.
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