Heat-Resistant Fire Dragon Skin (REP)

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Collect 12 Flying Dragon's Skin
1. Talk to Kironaya.

Quest Text
"I've been trying to find good equipment around here, with help of scientists, I discovered skin of small flying dragons are quite fire resistant."

"And their youth means skin is softer and more malleable, an ideal material for military training that moves around a lot."

"If you caught a few, just bring them to me! There are many flying dragons in northeast, shouldn't be hard to find."

Reward Text
"Although this place is plagued by monsters, they don't worry me half as much as humans do."

"Crimson Sawtooth Army's getting stronger here, until elite force of Praetorian Knights get here, we vanguard have to prepare for war."

"To support the army's needs it'll require a large quantity. If you have spare flying dragon skin to give me, I'd be happy to take tem off your hand."

Post-Quest Text
"Thanks to you it saved us a lot of effort, current stock is still low, if you can get more flying dragon skin, please be sure to bring them here."
Suggested Level: 56
Start: Kironaya, Blakatoa Range
(x: 898, y: 541)
Finish: Kironaya, Blakatoa Range
(x: 898, y: 541)
  • 3 gold.png 83 silver.png 55 copper.png
  • Exp: 127,879
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Quest Chain:

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