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Group: Novice > Hunter > Archer > Ranger / Assassin > Sharpshooter / Darkstalker > Hawkeye / WindShadow

Once a Sharpshooter reaches Lv85 it is able to upgrade its class into Hawkeye.



Hawkeyes are a powerful ranged class. Hawkeyes are the fith tier of Hunters, they are long range based fighters. They use firearms and bows to fight their target at a distance. Although Hawkeyes have many advantages, they have the giant disadvantages. Including low defense. Therefore if the enemy gets close, only a skilled ranger can get out alive.


  • High Evade: Able to dodge a majority of attacks
  • Heals: From normal attacks with Lv. 70 1-Handed sword
  • High Range damage: Fast crystal capturing


  • Low Defense, Magic Defense:Weakest class in terms of "tankibility" once "Quick Reflex" is no longer active
  • Highly susceptible to "Sleep": Unable to sustain DPS
  • Weak Melee Capabilities: Must attack at range and keep distance in order to DPS




Ancient Talents

Ancient Moon Talents

Image Name Required Level Effect Obtained From
?plugin=ref&page=%C0%B8%BB%BA%C0%BD%BA%EE%2FSPS%B9%E7%C0%AE&src=%C2%CE%B3%CA.JPG Integral Endurance 2 87 VIT +10, AGI +15 4,500 Crystal Guardian Reputation
?plugin=ref&page=%C0%B8%BB%BA%C0%BD%BA%EE%2FSPS%B9%E7%C0%AE&src=%B6%CB%B8%C2.JPG Reaction Limit 2 Will +10, AGI +25 36,000 Treasure Appraisal Reputation (Obtainable through Zilnan)
?plugin=ref&page=%C0%B8%BB%BA%C0%BD%BA%EE%2FSPS%B9%E7%C0%AE&src=%C3%D7%CC%BF.JPG Finishing Strike 2 +28% Critical Hit Damage 16,000 Princess of Frost Illania Reputation (Obtainable through Zilnan)

Ancient Sun Talents

Image Name Required Level Effect Obtained From
?plugin=ref&page=%C0%B8%BB%BA%C0%BD%BA%EE%2FSPS%B9%E7%C0%AE&src=%C7%FA%C8%AF.JPG Transcendent Awareness 2 90 Quick Reflexes & Lightning Reflexes last +2.5 seconds 5,000 Crystal Guardian Reputation
?plugin=ref&page=%C0%B8%BB%BA%C0%BD%BA%EE%2FSPS%B9%E7%C0%AE&src=%BC%E5%C5%C0w.JPG Weak Spot Striker 2 Enhanced Stun Strike +25% damage
?plugin=ref&page=%C0%B8%BB%BA%C0%BD%BA%EE%2FSPS%B9%E7%C0%AE&src=%CF%A2%BA%BF.JPG Triple Chain 2 Gives skills a 5% chance to cause triple damage <True Black Bone Pirate> Powerful Ardenis
Pirate Jelly Rabbit (Heirloom Peninsula)

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