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A large social aspect of any game is the guild system. Guilds give players places to turn to for help, guidance, advice, or simply as a way to make new friends. Guilds can provide many other benefits as well, including level, grade, and rating. Guilds can only have members that belong to the same faction.

Creating a Guild


  1. Must at least be level 20.
  2. Must be carrying at least 10 gold.
  3. Must not be currently in a guild.
  4. Valid Guild establishment period (you do not have to wait to create a guild if you left a guild)
  5. 10 Character max for guild name.

In order to form the guild, one can speak to the Guild NPC in town, or simply by pressing the G hotkey to bring up the guild interface window. Enter the desired guild name in to the designated box, and click the set-up/establish button. Upon confirmation, the player will have the 10 gold deducted and the guild will be created.

Guild Menu

After the Guild is set up, the NPC Guild caretaker helps you manage your guild and activates 2 menus.

  1. Guild quest progression & Guild Master positions can be delegated.
  2. Guild gold, delegation, and disbandment cannot be undone.
  3. 24 hours after disbandment, a new guild can be established.
  4. 24 hours after withdrawal, you can join a new guild. (The only way to leave a guild is by talking to the "Guild Management NPC".)

Guild Contribution

Joining a guild can raise the level, grade or rating. Depending on the level, Guild placement can be changed by the NPC.

Guild Level

Guild level rises through contributions with token amount of donations and earning a grade. Guilds can donate up to 1 gold and guild level item tokens. Using more experience can increase the guild level token.

Guild Grade

Experience through donations and contributions can raise grade. Maximum possible donation experience is marked with a maximum of 30000 Token. Items using the Guild rating can be increased more. Items do not increase the character contribution amount. Also will increase the member slots in the guild.

Guild Rating

Possible contribution to the guild once per day for a maximum of 50,000 can raise the rating.

The Probation Rule

Upon leaving a guild, the character/toon must observe a probationary period (48 hours) prior to joining another guild.

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