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Ilannia Guilds

Guild Name Founder/Leader Guild Type Guild Level Description of Guild Requirements to Join Sprite King Recruit Who to Contact
7Teachings CodyM Social 6 Kinda like a big family. Very relaxed and like to help each other when we can. N/A Jundo Yes CodyM, Mace or Asrai
Aliens Juusei Social/PvP/Other 8 We're a wacky family who has been around since 2010/01 and will continue to exist as long as there's a little pink alien in us all. We do alittle of everything - from PvE to GvG and everything inbetween which includes fun. For more information you can ask following aliens below! Level 71+ Ilannia Yes Juusei, SenseiIchigo, GSMilka, Give2Bucks, Ignorance, ChristianG13 and lSnowDropl
Amorussins AceLight Social/Other 5 Helpful, friendly guild for all levels None Alice Yes AceLight, Zerkur, DNAngelGirl
Awakened GSSnow Social 8 We are a bunch of crazy people, joke around and tease each other a lot~ We are really open-minded, too. Our guild often does PT/BFR and sometimes FT parties. Also, we do GvG, so if you're in need of GvG points join us~ Level 31+, active, crazy and humorous. Ilannia Yes GSSnow, WildTriggy, GSNoob, Glaedir, Sufuro
Celestrial Lillifia Social 5 A currently inactive guild looking for people to revive it. We do not have a home channel, though occasional events will be held in channel 4. We distribute ranks based on level and prestige. Our highest lvl is a sad little lvl 69 dmon QQ (me) Be active and helpful. Maybe talkative Siropas Yes Lillifie, xVocaloidsx, GoldenMagic, LilPanda, Thanatis
CrystalMist raindroplove Other 6 We are kinda dead in the night time in USA time cause most are from that time zone and will you know stuff ^^ but we are a family like guild who do a little bit of everything and joke around. We run all kind of dungeon too and world boss, event, and help on whatever we could. Hope to see you there be active and dont ask for gold or plvl....and dont be a drama queen plz ^^ Alice Yes IcexBlazer or raindroplove
Daishocker FallenAnglex Social 5 We are a guild that is looking for any active players. We are currently recruiting any players of any level. Our current tax is 1% More information can be found in the guild thread Any level, active, friendly Ilanna Yes Chippies, FallenAnglex
DarkMagic Suenaga Social 5 we don't care if you're strong or not, we just want everyone to help each other and be a part of our big family ^^ no matter what level you are, you are welcomed to our family. join us and we will have a lot of fun together! P.S. we never expel anyone, it's up to you if you want to leave anyone can join! Ilannia Yes Suenaga, HanaKazumi, KushinaAoi, QueenAshIey, SnowCorn, SaphireShery, SuzukiReita, DeathSummon, Xsine, Zielhemis
EonSpirit Tang Social 6 EonSpirit was created on Quill March 12th 2012. Were a small friendly group of individuals from around the world just enjoying the game together. We don't mind helping out and doing main quests but please keep in mind we won't leech you and do your 5 MO daily runs. We enjoy good conversation, humor, and progressing as a whole. Majority of active members are the EST timezone. Always up for new members! Must be able to speak english and maintain a positive attitude. No bank alts or PvP exclusive alts allowed. Jundo Yes Tang, Quaire, Arcs
FleshRippers Eviscerate Everything 8 We are very active and helpful in many ways. We have a variety of useful knowledge and players in our Guild. Anyone is welcome. Anyone can join. Bodor Yes Eviscerate, Okaton
FrozenDawn SteamedRice Social 5 Newly Established Guild Since May 28, 2013 , We Successfully Reach Our Quota To Be a Lv5 Guild in Just 3 days. Really Appreciated The Cooperating Of Guild Members. About Rankings , We Base On Your Lvl To Promote You. Regarding How Do We Recruit. "Just Pm Us or Mail Us" , Pm or Mail Us What Channel You are On. Our Guild Home Channel is Channel 3. About Current Guild Members, Well Respect Each Others and Having Fun Chatting on Any Topics. No Lvl Requirements , Just Be Funny , Kind, And Respectful. Siropas Yes SteamedRice, MayJL, KateShiy, yufaa
Grimscythe FelBlade/Forterressa PvP 5 Reapers of Death? only pvp players any lvl Ilannia Yes FelBlade, Forteressa
Holy Wai Social 8 We have a handful of active members, typically 5-10 on at any given time. Due to this small amount we are hoping to round up some more active people of any level to breathe more life into our small family. We will always assist with bosses and dungeons as needed for the newer players. Must be active. No begging, no scamming, no discussions of exploits or harassment allowed at all, no exceptions. Ewan Yes Wai, Lefena, Anohana, Versailles (both Ls are uppercase i), Armelle
Intersession MyaRie Social/Quest/Other 8 Our guild is a very welcoming family~ We help one another with bosses/quests/dungeons and expect all members to respect one another. We are generally on ch 2~ Always willing to recruit new active fun members~ Be Active & Friendly, We will not tolerate beggars/scammers/spammers/harassment/flaming Ilannia Yes MyaRie, Aurvyana, Heart0fvoid, Nathndar
Persona Aphorism Social 7 We're an active lvl 7 guild. We're friendly people who will help their guildies whenever we can (but no plvl or gold spamming thank you!). We have a base, and we have 5% tax. We are interested in GvG, but we need more high leves for it. All levels are welcome though! Be active and friendly Bodor Yes Aerbear, Nikiachan (or Evelynna, Lumiana), Yonjiro, jadenafujima
PhantomWorld WizardXMoon Social 2 This is a guild that will help each other out. None. N/A Yes WizardXMoon
Proxima Poseidon8138 Social 8 We are a level 8 guild that allies with Moonshadow, Holy and Degeneration for Guild War. We try to help each other whenever possible. We really are one big haply family. Must be level 65+.Bodor Yes Poseidon8138, ForceField, Mulinda, WingxOfEarth, NickyxHeat or Kira091.
RisingAngels GodOfHeaven Social 7 Our guild is a bit crazy, but like a family. We are always doing our best to help each other out with bosses & dungeons. Majority of us tend to hang out on channel 3 & chase after the emissaries. We do have a guild base, but we do not have a guild tax. Friendly & active. If you start begging for for plvls or gold we will expel you Ronto Yes Charmion, Equix, Hahona, Thamina, Vexarius
Sablier Minahope Other 6 No need to sugar coat it so. Pretty much a dead guild with only 3 active people. Started out on Quill as <Strawhats> and used to be in one of the top ranks, Then name changed to <Abyss> which, is when people left because they didn't like the name (Hue) We're hyper, energetic people who just like to play. We're slowly working on getting to lvl 8. Have a guild base, and just want to be a happy family guild again \o. We don't mind if you're low leveled or not, and we don't mind helping with w/e you may need :3. Be Active. Have some sense of humor (sarcasm is wonderful too<3) Don't bring drama into the guild. Alice Yes Minahope, Alicebrabbit, PurpleGhost , Loveless
Sacrosanct Frosch Social 8 Sacrosanct - is primarily a social/helping guild. We try our best to help our members learn more about the game, improve their characters and share knowledge and game experience. We also yearn to forge strong bonds of friendship between guildies to make the learning experience and the game play more enjoyable. Must know English, be active and be willing to learn and progress. Ilannia Yes Frosch, Aoede, Axylus, Panni, mobeywan, Wizden, Remmu, 7thLight, AmiTwilight, Dhantican, AstroSIns19, cachirula, Izzyyy, Nehari, Iccusion
System32 CtrlAltElite Everything 3+ New Guild looking for active/social/fun people to level up and enjoy time with, eventually looking forward to GVG and all sorts of activities, anyone is welcome, don't hesitate to come up with ideas for things, all opinions are welcome but may or may not be noted~ We like to let everyone have their say in things and sometimes people do butt heads and we try out best to sort it out so both parties are happy. Activeness is key, leave your drama at the doormat or you won't be welcome~ N/A Yes CtrlAltElite, FirePath, HailBidoof
TheEternal casperj Social 8 We are a fun and active guild! anyone can join and have fun! N/A Ilannia Yes casperj, clarisse, Wasuremono, AkaneTendo, Monochan
TheMisfits Aylbro Social 8 <TheMisfits> is an active level 8 guild that start back in 2011, we're consisted of people all around the globe. Americas, Australia, Japan, Philippines! We're really helpful and friendly. There more than ample help for most quests and bosses, tho we don't participate in GvG Only requirements is that you are an active player! No beggars/scammers/spammers Ilannia No N/A
Vincitori lnky Social 4 A small yet friendly guild, very helpful and drama free. Active, Helpful and no Alts. N/A Yes lnky [Small L], Rumati, WinterJune, DeadlyJayne, Helgadottir

Adding your guild to the list

Want to add your guild to this snazzy little list but aren't sure how? No problem! All you need to do is make a post in the following thread and tell us about your guild so it can be added! Ilannia Thread(Note:Failing to add the required information will result in your guild not being updated or added onto the wiki)

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