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Dragon Knights is a social game and thus we recommend looking into guilds in order to have the best possible gaming experience. Being in a guild means you will have players to chat and quest with, access to more storage and skills, and of course Siege Warfare.

How to Create a Guild

If you wish to found your very own guild, all you need to do is speak with a guild keeper NPC. Guild keepers look like the portrait to the right, and can be found in any major city. However, you must meet special requirements before you can purchase a new guild:

These are the requirements to create a new guild in Dragon Knight:

  • Your character must be Lv 20 or higher.
  • You must have at least 10,000 florins
This will create a Level 1 guild. At this level you can recruit up to 10 people into your guild. If you wish to expand, you must increase your guild reputation. As you level your guild you will be able to recruit more members as well as gain new guild perks.

Guild Level and Benefits

While a guild may start out small, they can be leveled and grown into powerhouse communities. Guilds level by increasing their reputation. This is done automatically as your character earns reputation for themselves. For more information about reputation and contributing to your guild, please read the rest of this page.

As your guild climbs the ranks you will gain additional perks in addition to more members. Here is a list of some of the more interesting guild perks:

Level Reputation Required Member Limit Benefits Skills
1 None 10
  • Guild Notification System
  • Guild Chat
  • Guild Ranks
1 Skill: Defense Mastery
2 100 20
  • Guild Storage
1 Skill: Offense Mastery 1
3 500 30
  • Guild Name Registration
  • Guild Crest Registration
1 Skill: Research Magic
4 2,000 40
  • Siege War Access
2 Skills: Imprinting
& Build Camp 1

Guild Interface & Donating Reputation

At any time you can bring up your Guild Interface by pressing the G key.

This is your guild interface window. Here you can check the status and interact with your guild. You will see four tabs at the top corresponding to different features of your guild.

 Guild General Info: Here you can see basic info such as: the guild level, guild leader, guild logo, and a short message that the guild leader can set for you.
 Guild Member Info: This displays more specific information about your member status as well as other members' information. This is the area where you would find all your fellow members of your guild and their ranking listed.
 Siege Information: Here you can keep up to date on the bloody details of guild warfare. For more information on Siege Warfare, please read Here
 Guild History: Take a trip through memroy lane and see a record of all major landmarks and battles you have endured with your compatriots.
 Guild Settings/Reputation: Here you can alter minor settings as well as control how you donate reputation to the guild. Reputation is very important because it controls how your guild will level.


In your guild settings you can affect how much reputation you donate to your guild. 100 character reputation converts into 1 guild reputation. Since leveling your guild gives you access to new features and new skills, you should definitely consider helping out. How much is up to you!
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