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Guild Creation Requirements

- 10 Gold
- Character Level 20

To create a guild : Press G, and then Create a Guild with a name that has not been chosen yet.

Guild Benefits

Level Guild XP Required Benefits
1 None. Guild Recruitment Message (250 characters including spaces)
Guild Bulletin Notice Board (530 characters including spaces)
35 Members Capacity
+1% XP/Fame for all members
One Main Rank
2 200 Guild Affairs Notes Board (30 note capacity / 540 words)
50 Members Capacity
+2% XP/Fame for all members
Two Main Ranks
3 1,500 Guild Fund Shop Access (in Navea)
Guild Logo (24-bit .bmp 32x32 logo only)
65 Members Capacity
+3% XP/Fame for all members
Three Main Ranks
4 6,000 Guild Hall Access with Exclusive Items at NPCs/Guild Eidolon Spawns
80 Members Capacity
+4% XP/Fame for all members
Four Main Ranks
5 18,000 Guild Warehouse (50 slot capacity)
95 Members Capacity
+5% XP/Fame for all members
Five Main Ranks
(Guild War in the future, or Level 6 implementation)

Guild Notes

- New members are automatically promoted by one rank after every maintenance
- Leader/Guild Master is not considered a main rank
- Ranks are subject to aeria's naming filter
- Guild Funds Shop has many items that can be purchased such as crafting materials, ultimate skill upgrades, equipment enchantable cards for green equipment, etc - Better food buff items and miscellaneous stuff are offered at the guild hall
- 100 Eidolon Energys can be used to get a Summoning Device that can spawn Eidolons for your guild only in your guild hall (depending on the Eidolon, it might drop level 50 Yellows, +1% All Stat Costume Pieces, and other various Eidolon fragments/keys)
- Spawn times in the Guild Hall are fixed at specific times on specific days (currently unknown as they have been offset by the recent stress test maintenance)
- Only members who are older than 24 hours old can enter the Guild Hall to prevent guild eidolon spawn jump abuse
- You can only promote/demote online users

Guild Functions

  • Expel
  • Promote
  • Demote
  • Pass Leadership
  • Invite to Party
  • Add as Friend
  • Whisper
  • Block User
  • Go to Guild Hall (Level 4)
  • Leave the Guild
  • Change Recruitment Message
  • Change Guild Bulletin Notice Board
  • Post in Guild Affairs Message Board
  • Edit others' posts in Guild Affairs Notes Board
  • Delete others' posts in Guild Affairs Notes Board
  • Chat in Guild
  • Modify Other Ranks' Privileges and Rights
  • Go to Guild War
  • Recruit Other Users as Members
  • Guild Warehouse Access
  • Guild Warehouse Logs

Eidolon Summoning

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