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Each guild will have a private room which serves as a travel hub and communal gathering place. The room's appearance and layout can be selected by the guild leader and may include novel features, such as a swimming pool, while NPC's and portals provide valuable services to the guild's members.

Entering a Guild Room

Clubs are located in Elkana and each village/neutral town. You may proceed by going through the Guild Room Caretaker/Concierge NPC.

About the Guild Room

  • Guild rooms are only for members of the same guild.
  • Increasing the guild’s grade/level will unlock additional themes and NPC's.
  • In the guild room, you may use the portal to teleport to the Elkana club or any region on the map except the restricted areas in red.
  • Using the portals in the guild room, it is possible to go to a variety of regions on the map including Pflanze, Mepix, Baberion, War Criminal, and Land of the Dead.



Three NPC's become available in the guild room as the guild's rank increases and they provide the following services:

  • Guild management.
  • Potion vendor.
    • Like other potion vendors, the guild vendor sells HP and SP restoration potions in addition to a cube which grants random potions or buffs to the player.
  • Guild bank.
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