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Sirvana DryadMob1-1511----
Sirvana MandrakeMob1-1511----
SirvanaBoss1-151299100Portal 1
Kailion ChaserMob16-309----
Kailion GuardMob16-309----
Silvanus ArcherMob16-309----
Silvanus SentinelMob16-309----
SilvanusBoss16-30need100Portal 3
Pantera WarriorMob31-707----
Pantera ShamanMob31-707----
PanteraBoss31-70need100Portal 5
Pantera ArcherMob31-707----
Pantera ZealotMob31-707----
EiphilosBoss--need100Portal 4
Old WillowBoss--need100--

The Guild Ranking Battle (GRB) is a weekly event held every Saturday at 12PM PST (-8 GMT) that allows guilds to amass ranking points by killing the mobs and bosses found in an instanced battlefield and obtain Etin from them as well. None of the kills in the GRB give experience but do give Ranking Points, nor are there drops of any kind except Etin coins and those only from the bosses.

To reach the battlefield you need to speak to the Guild Management gatekeeper who will send you to the waiting room for the battle. The Guild Management gatekeeper can be found in the main city of map one for each faction ; Reikeuseu and Erina. Once the portal within the waiting room opens, you may enter and fight for your guild's advancement.

Amassed points determine a guild's rank when compared to other guilds throughout the faction on that server, important mainly as only the top 30 guilds can utilize a Guild House and it's in the Guild House where the Etin comes into play.

There are 3 main zones in the battlefield (1-15, 16-30, 31-70), to enter a particular zone step through the respective Barrier (A, B, or C) with a character of appropriate level. Each zone has a boss within that will cause another portal to open upon their death somewhere on the battlefield.

This is the only way to progress within the battlefield, each zone must do their part so that the other zones can progress further and eventually defeat Old Willow.

NOTE : If you die in the GRB and are not resurrected by a healer, you will be removed from the GRB instance and find yourself back in the Guild Managment Office. UM Characters in the GRB do require runes / healer resurrection to prevent deletion, but a UM that uses a regular or continuous Rune will find themselves back in the Guild Management Office.

Guild Ranking Battle is at 12:00:00 on the Server Clock (in game)

Guild Ranking Battle Zone Map

2z3ovtj.jpg Sirvana18HP 34,392
Kailion33HP 85,700
Silvanus34HP 87,790
Pantera63HP 235,438
Eiphilos64HP 265,438
Old Willow65HP 1,105,438
The Barriers (A,B,C) only allow certain levels to pass
  • Barrier A - Level 1-15
  • Barrier B - Level 16-30
  • Barrier C - Level 31+
The Portals (numbered balloons) are one way, with the exception of Portal 4, which upon the death of Eiphilos, re-opens permitting access to those that passed through the 31-70 zone to Old Willow by way of Portal 5
Map Credit to Aeria User warekurt and the hard work put into rendering the 3D Shaiya dungeons

Guild Ranking Battle Monsters

GRB Monster Table

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