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How do I obtain Guild Missions?

  • Guild Missions may be obtained from Guild Quest Off. Kaiser, the Guild Quest NPC in Aven, or from a billboard found in Guild Towns. Kaiser only carries the beginning quests for each map. Guild billboards contain many more guild quests, divided up by level, including quests for the dungeons of each map. Kaiser sells the quests a little more cheaply. A portion of the money spent to by each quest from a guild billboard goes to that guilds' funds. As long as you are in a guild you may enter an guild town, even if your guild does not have a town.

Entering a Town

  • Open up your guild window (Hotkey G), and press the button labeled 'Towns'. You will then be able to access an interface that allows you to search for Towns with specific gathering and crafting choices, but what you're looking for is the billboard that sells the Guild Quest Missions, so just press the 'Search' button and choose a Guild Town. Remember that a portion of money spent to buy each guild quest goes the guild funds of the guild town you are in.


  • Guild Quests are bought with in-game currency, and are not free like in other games. However, the reward money for these quests is roughly double the price of the actual quest.

Quest List

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