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For more information on Guild Towns see, Guild Towns



For Merchants that sell Work Lv2 and under assignments/blueprints see Equipment Crafting

Guild Merchants are located in various Guild Towns. These Merchants sell variety of assignments and blueprints you might not be able to acquire elsewhere.

Please Note: Some Guild Merchants are only available for a limited amount of time.

  • Guild Merchants can only be hired by a Guild Leader.
  • Guild Merchants may have different taxes than others. When buying from a Merchant, some of the taxed proceeds will go to the Guild Town.

Guild Merchants

To hire a Guild Merchant, the Guild must have a Town.

  • Advanced Guild Merchants may be acquired from Dungeon Bosses and occasionally the Crystal Altar through Merchant Mysterious Boxs.
  • Players may acquire Guild Merchants, but only the Guild Leader may hire them.
  • Guild Merchants are not always located in the same place as other Guild Towns.
  • Guild Merchants may have a different suffix in their name to show their quality of goods

Please Note: NPC Aldata sells Basic Guild Merchants only

  • Basic Guild Merchants may be purchased from Aldata (461, 491)


  • You may see what Merchants a Guild Town has by going to Guild Manager Heldin (479, 468)



Guild Towns may hire certain Merchants that allow you to gather special materials. The more prosperous a Town is, the better the services may be.

  • Some Guild Towns may not have every cultivation Merchant available.
  • Advanced Farmers/Miners/Summoners sell goods at a higher variety.
  • Guild Towns may hire different cultivation Merchants at a time of the same type. They will have a different suffix in their name to show their quality of work.


Please Note: This picture is an Example of different NPC Merchants of the same type. These NPC's pictured are NOT the only Guild Merchants.

Blueprint/Molding Master Merchants

Guild Towns may hire certain Merchants that sell blueprints you may not find elsewhere. Each Merchant that sell blueprints will sell them in specific level ranges.

  • Some Guild Towns may not have every blueprint Merchant available.
  • Blueprint Merchants will have the corresponding suffix in their name as to which blueprint they sell.

Molding Masters take assignments for blueprints you may not be able to craft elsewhere. The more advanced the item, the higher chance failure will be.

  • Some Guild Towns have different risks of failure with their Molding Masters.
  • Not every Molding Master in a Guild Town may take any blueprint. You must find the appropriate Molding Master with the corresponding Work Level to your blueprint.
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