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Guild Farm

Using this farm we can now grow a host of new items including guild suits, candy, and more~

How does it work? lets begin~

Activating the plantation feature

1.) Except for the guild leader, all guild members must gain "Farm Access" before making plantations.

2.) To make plantations, the player needs to enter the Guild Base, approach “Farm Manager” Kid (312, 261) and click "Open Farm Interface"; drag seeds to the "Farm Administrator" slot to begin planting.

3.) After you have planted, the slot will display the crop icon. The crop status below will display information relating to the crop.

4.) Right-click the crop icon to open the "Crop Information Interface". You can see the appearance of your crop, the time taken to grow into the next stage, and the item you are likely to receive if you harvest now.

5.) To harvest the crop, simply click the harvest button located on the top left hand corner of the "Crop Information Interface", and your crop slot will be purged!

Any items gained from the harvest will be placed into the guild warehouse. Remember to clear some warehouse spaces before you harvest. WARNING- If you have no room and you harvest it will be put in the next warehouse. So even if you are a lvl 8 guild with 2 warehouses. The items will be placed in warehouse 3. Make sure to make room in your warehouse before harvesting.


1.) Among the row of buttons located at the bottom of the Guild Interface, there is a "Farm View" button that can be clicked to open up the Farm Interface. You can check your crop status outside the Lost Realm. However, this interface does not allow you to plant or harvest.

2.) Crops that have matured will die after 24 hours if not harvested. Remember to check your crop status once in a while.


Farm Interface


A. Farm Management: shows farming slots and crop icons currently planted on them

B. Crop Status:

1. Name of crop: displays the name of the seed

2. Planter: displays the player who planted the seed

3. Growth stage: displays the crop's current stage/total stages

4. Evolution rate: percentage of growth completed in the current stage

5. Moisture: how much water the crop contains

6. Growth status: crop's current status

Growth Status Descriptions:

1. Mature: crop has matured and can only be harvested. Please note that the crop will die in 24 hours and yield nothing if not harvested.

2. Best: more than 90% moisture, and crop growth buffed by 21% or more

3. Good: more than 70% moisture, and crop growth buffed by 1% or more

4. Normal: more than 50% moisture

5. Bad: less than 50% moisture, causing a -50% penalty to crop growth

6. Worst: less than 30% moisture, causing a -70% penalty to crop growth

7. Withered: less than 10% moisture, suspending crop growth

8. Dead: can only be harvested and no yield is given

Crop Information


A. View Crop: you can see the crop's appearance; there is a harvest button located on the top left hand corner, click to harvest

B. Growth and Moisture Bars: the top bar represents crop growth (in the example, 1/4 indicates that there are a total of 4 stages and the crop is currently in its 1st stage); the bottom represents moisture

C. Time Left: time remaining for the crop to grow into its next stage D. Possible Yield: shows the item you are likely to receive if you harvest now; mouse over to display TIP


(note: image will be updated)



b.png c.png d.png

Seeds are found in 3 ways.

1. Unidentified Seed Packet and Unidentified Seed Pouch from monster drops. You will only get First-Aid Potion seeds, Seal Seeds and the older seeds from these pouches.

2. Guild Dungeon reward. You can trade GvG points for pouches at the NPC at the Guild Dungeons in your Guild Base.

3. Alchemy Scrolls. These are bought from Kid from his Farm Shop option. Take scrolls and ingredients to Alchemist to make the seeds.

Reward Bags From Farming

e.png f.png g.png

h.png i.png j.png


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