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A Guild is a group of like minded people striving for the same goal. Mostly a way of social interaction, you can depend on your guild mates to help you defeat the most powerful of bosses, answer your questions, or just shoot the breeze.

In order to make a Guild, the player must level 16, currently not be part of another guild, and pay 3 Gold to form it.

Once formed, the Guild Leader may invite other players to join. This can be done simply by hitting the Recruit button, and typing the player's name, or right clicking a character's name and then choosing the 'recruit' option from the list. The higher the Guild's level, the more people that can be recruited. For example, a level 3 Guild can contain up to 100 members.

As players complete quest and gain more prestige, a Guild's level raises. Higher level guilds may also set more ranks - up to 5 different ones at level 4. Once level 4, guilds also gain access to the Guild Message Board. The Guild Leader can set permissions for recruiting, message posting and other criteria through the guild ranks.

Guilds gain access to repeatable Guild Quests and there are 21 Guild specific bosses to be slain, all of which increase the experience of the guild.

At level 5, guilds can swear allegiance to a particular Sprite King for 3000 Gold. Switching Sprite Kings will also cost 3000 Gold. The Guild Leader can then use more gold from the guild treasury to cast guild buffs. Each buff lasts an hour and is applied to all online guild members. "Trial of the Sprite King" costs 150 gold, while all other buffs cost 100 gold. Between each cast, the guild members must collectively obtain 100 prestige in order to cast a buff again. Guild members may donate game money to the guilds treasury for the common good of the guild so these skills can be bought, and the Guild Leader may set a taxation rate to gain a certain percentage of money obtained from quests that the guild members complete.

Sprite King Skills:

Bodor, Grassland Knight

Bodor's Roar of War: ATK/RTK/MATK: +7%

Bodor's Horn of Courage: HP/MP: +8%

Bodor's Templar Guardian: Holy/Nature Resist: +25%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 500 Holy Damage.], 10% Attacking: [Deals 500 Nature Damage]

Trial of the Sprite King: +5% exp

Alice, Forest Queen

Alice's Light of Prayer: DEF/MDEF: +8%

Alice's Treasure Blessing: Drop Rate: +7%

Alice's Nature Guardian: Nature Resist: +50%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 1000 Nature Damage]

Trial of the Sprite King: +5% exp

Ronto, Duke of Sands

Rontos Rage: CRIT/MCRIT: +7%

Ronto's Sandstorm Rush: MSPD: +8%

Ronto's Dust of the Earth: Dark/Nature Resist: +25%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 500 Dark Damage.], 10% Attacking: [Deals 500 Nature Damage]

Trial of the Sprite King: +5% exp

Smulca, Highland Lord

Smulca's Mountain moving Might: 15% Attacking: [Damage Reflection: 100%, Duration: 8]

Smulca's Form of the Bull: ASPD/CSPD: +4%

Smulca's Snow Mountain Guardian: Ice Resist: +50%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 1000 Ice Damage]

Trial of the Sprite King: +5% exp

Ewan, General of Spirits

Ewan's Merciless Execution: CRITD/MCRITD: +15%

Ewan's Spirits of the Dead: ACC/EVA: +8%

Ewan's Dark Gaze: Dark Resist: +50%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 1000 Dark Damage]

Trial of the Sprite King: +5% exp

Bahado, South Sea King

Bahado's Sea God Guardian: 15% Attacking: [Crit Received: -15%, Duration: 8]

Bahado's Tsunami Vortex: 15% Attacking: [Damage Reflection: 70%, Duration: 6]

Bahado's Storm of the Seas: Thunder/Ice Resist: +25%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 500 Thunder Damage.], 10% Attacking: [Deals 500 Ice Damage]

Trial of the Sprite King: +5% exp

Quill, Hurricane Prince

Quill's Wind God Greaves: MSPD: +12%

Quill's Gale Roar: CRITD/MCRITD: +10%

Quill's Thunder Twister: Thunder Resist: +50%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 1000 Thunder Damage]

Trial of the Sprite King: +5% exp

Mosunk, Elder of Serenity

Mosunk's Fortune Magic: Drop Rate: +10%

Mosunk's Magic Ordnance: Damage Dealt: +5%

Mosunk's Holy Light Guardian: Holy Resist: +50%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 1000 Holy Damage]

Trial of the Sprite King: +5% exp

Jundo, Eternal Mother

Jundo's Life Excitation: HP/MP: +12%

Jundo's Original Might: CRIT/MCRIT: +5%

Jundo's Archaic Immunity: All Resistances: +20%

Trial of the Sprite King: +5% exp

Siropas, Underworld King

Siropas's Flame Image: ACC/EVA: +12%

Siropas's Flame God Defense: 15% Attacking: [Crit Received: -15%, Duration: 6]

Siropas's Flame God Ordnance: Fire Resist: +50%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 1000 Fire Damage]

Trial of the Sprite King: +5% exp

Ilannia, Princess of Frost

Illania's Goddess Inspiration: ASPD/CSPD: +10%, MP Cost: -10

Illania's Frost Guardian: DEF/MDEF: +6%

Illania's Icy Ordnance: Ice Resist: +50%, 10% Attacking: [Deals 1000 Ice Damage]

Trial of the Sprite King: +5% exp

Miracle Springs Ginny

Ginny Cross-Dimensional Power: 10% chance of 500 damage of all elements

Ginny Cross-Dimensional Strike: When health falls below 50%, gives crit hit 5% as well as as DEF/MDEF 10%. When health falls 15%, 100% crit rate and 20% DEF

Ginny Cross-Dimensional Arival: 3% chance of summoning Ginny that will cast a skill, causing all unites within range to gain 4% ATK/MATK/ATK Speed/Crit Hit and 5% DEF/Evade/Hit

Ginny Cross-Dimensional Blessing: 20% EXP/Drop rate

All skills for Ginny cost 1k per

Guild Base

At Level 6 the guild master can establish a Guild Base. The Castle is reachable through any teleport point by clicking the lower left sign.

To obtain a Guild Base the Guild Level has to be 6. You may then visit the Sprite Laim (x902, y418) in Angoya Island to unlock the Guild Base, however for that he requires the Precious Pearl item from which you can obtain from The Rich Marlin (x855, y368). The Pearl will cost 6000 Gold from the Guild Treasury. If your guild does not have the 6000 Gold you can not obtain the pearl. Once the guild leader has the pearl they can go back to the Sprite Laim and select "Please help me remove the seal of the secret land" to unlock the Guild Base for every member of the guild.

Features of the Guild Base

The Guild Base has the following features

  • 2 Statues for level 6 guilds, 4 statues for level 8 guilds. This will consume 500 Gold from the Treasury for every statue made
  • Customizeable banners, this too will require 500 Gold from the treasury for every time the guild leader changes the banner colours and motive around the base
  • Sprite NPCs for the following options: Alchemy, Bank, Guild Warehouse, Mailbox, Fortification, General Store and the Guild Manager Sprite
  • The garden houses various planting spots. While fighting in the World of Saphael the player might obtain Unidentified Seed Pouch and Unidentified Seed Packet opening these packages/pouches will give various seeds which description will reveal to plant them in the guild farm. Planting them in the Fast-Planting Area will yield fruits that have various effects on the players such as teleportation to a the entrances of dungeons, combat enhancements, as well as some sprite enhancing fruits. Sometimes however the fruit will sprout monsters for the player to defeat, those monster will drop Tears of the Secret Realm. These can be given to Jasid the Merchant for rewards.
  • The Guild Farm Feature can be used to grow guild suits and other items inside the guild base.
  • The Guild Dungeons are for level 61+ members of the guild and can yield nice rewards. However they should not be tried out alone if the player isn't a seasoned warrior.

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