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While in the Character creation screen you have to choose a sprite who will be your "helper" throughout the game. It is called the Guardian Sprite. Although you can have 3 sprites at a time, the difference between the guardian sprite and the other sprites is that you can set the other sprites free at any altar in the game, whereas the guardian sprite stays with you all throughout the game. Therefore, you must choose wisely which one you want as the abilities for each one are different and you will want to choose one that is better suited for the needs of your class. Guardian sprites can either make armor for you or weapons depending on which you choose. If you choose an armor guardian, don't fear, the wild sprites you can equip in the other 2 sprite slots can make your weapons.

Creative Options


Sprite ~ this is where you put the name you want to call your sprite
Class ~ this is the option to choose what type of sprite you want (more detail in the next section on this)
Skills ~ this is where you see what skills each type of sprite has (more detail in the next section on this)
Eyes ~ use the arrows to choose which style of eyes you want your sprite to have
Skin ~ use the arrows to choose which color of skin you want your sprite to have

Types of Sprites

Here you can see the different type of sprites you will get to choose from and what skills they possess so you can better decide when making a character, which one to select.

Bloodhammer ~ Mining / Hunting / Warrior Armor
DeepFathom ~ Mining / Foraging / Firearms
Fairflower ~ Mining / Foraging / Bows
Holylight ~ Mining / Foraging /Shields
Moonwhisper ~ Mining / Foraging / Staff
Nightwind ~ Mining / Foraging / Swords
Rainbowmist ~ Foraging / Hunting / Mage Armor
Silverneedle ~ Foraging / Hunting / Priest Armor
Silverleaf ~ Mining / Foraging / Hunting
Starsong ~ Mining / Foraging / Hammer
Sunblaze ~ Mining / Foraging / Axe
Windstorm ~ Mining / Hunting / Archer Armor

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