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I recommend keep a balance stats. You dont have to go for full SPD. I recommend to put 2 attk 1 SPD for every level, and maximum points into defense. This will keep you well rounded,Because you got high damage output and good SPD. Best for both PVP/PVE


Currently going full DMG and full HP. This works well for PvP and PvE. My secondary class is Duelist and the build works well with the combo skill Thunder Slash.


Go for full SPD and DEF with a Bard as it's secondary for a full tank build which is a good damage absorber with great survivability.


Equips based on SPD and HP Bonus
Envoy's Path based on damage reduction e reflect damage
Secret Stones based on damage , get the stones with +2% damage Great PVE / Medium PVP performance

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