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The purpose of being a Guardian is fairly simple. Guardians are put in the game Last Chaos so that they can share their knowledge of the game to new players, or Apprentices, who are just starting out. New players to the game often don’t really know much about or where to start the new experience. This is where the Guardian comes in! A Guardian’s job is to answer any questions this new player may have and possibly help the new character level.

Also, if he’s giving, the Guardian may want to give the Apprentice a starter pack of items the Apprentice can use to better help level his character. This starter pack may be a better weapon than the new character has already or maybe new armor. Note: giving the Apprentice new stuff is not required of a Guardian, though it may be useful.

What is required of the Guardian is to strive to help the new player as best as he can, answer any questions the person may have, and of course the optional helping the new person level. A great chance to make a friend or two.


How to Become a Guardian

Interested in helping the community of Last Chaos by offering your help as a Guardian? Great! As long as you have the qualities of patience, understanding, and care, while also knowing a good bit about the game Last Chaos and how to play, you can become a Guardian, provided that you’re above level 20.

To become a Guardian, go to the status icon located on the top left side of the in-game Last Chaos screen.

Once the pop up window appears, click on the 3rd tab. This is the Action Tab.

Scroll down until you see the “Guardian System” icon. On the icon should be a picture of two guys, one taller one with his hand on the shorter guy’s shoulder.

Click on this and then the game will give you a short summary of what a Guardian does, finally asking you if you really wish to take part as a Guardian. Click confirm at any time.

Congratulations! You are now a Guardian!

Recruiting New Players as Your Apprentices

Once you’ve managed to make yourself a guardian, you need to find Apprentices! To recruit people as your apprentice, you can advertise or stand outside Juno looking for people who are fighting wolves or panthers. Once spotting a few, ask them if they need your help with leveling or have any unasked questions you can answer. Then explain your role as a guardian and how to make you their guardian. Finally, enjoy the company of your new apprentices if they oblige. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, new players will come to you. And sometimes you can find people confused with the game in the Juno town asking for help. This is your perfect opportunity!

The Ultimate Goal of a Guardian

The ultimate goal of a Guardian is to get the Apprentice to level 20 in 10 days. Yes, I know what you’re probably thinking, “Level 20 in only 10 days?!?!?! IMPOSSIBLE!!” Well, not really. If you’re a dedicated Guardian and aid your apprentice along the way, getting him to level 20 in 10 days isn’t as hard as it seems, not including the occasional downsides of your apprentice being afk or not on the game at all 90% of the time… though this isn’t the case for all apprentices.

The trick to getting your apprentice to level 20 in 10 days? Well, it all lies with how much you are able to help your apprentice. Answering questions the apprentice may have so that he isn’t wasting time standing around unsure of what do is a good way to start. Also, an importing key factor to successfully making your apprentice level 20 within the 10 day limit is to offer your help to him! Don’t wait for him to go to you. Offer to party with him in hopes that he will gain a level or two with your aid. Remember, you’re a lot higher than the apprentice is so therefore, you can kill a lot of mobs faster than he can. This can play a great role in getting the apprentice up a few levels faster.

However, this key factor was brought to my attention: partying an Apprentice yourself may not be a good idea because:

  1. the poor Apprentice may die due to mobs being way above his level and
  1. you'll be several levels higher than the Apprentice so the Apprentice may get a bit less exp than he would if he was partying with people around his level.

Also a good point to take note of is that lower level players level faster than higher ones, so don’t feel overwhelmed just because your apprentice may be 15 levels from getting to level 20. He will decrease the gap quickly.

Another key factor is a positive attitude. Like in the real world, if you don’t seem like you like what you do, others won’t like it either. Just some advice to consider Wink

Rewards for Your Guardian Service

Each time the apprentice gets to level 20 in 10 days, you will receive 10 reputation points. These points can later be used to get certain items by going to the merchant Geres and exchanging your points with a prize. If you get 100 reputation points, for example, you get an extreme stone which is very valuable.

Also, being a Guardian is a great chance to get to know more people in Last Chaos and make more friends. If you fail to get the apprentice to level 20 in 10 days however, this failure gets added onto your Guardian record, which can be viewed by any new players browsing down the list of Guardians in the Guardian System.

Downsides to Guardians

There are many factors that can make the job of a Guardian quite difficult. One is when your Apprentice all of a sudden stops logging onto the game or is on the game but is always afk (away from the keyboard, idle in other words). This cannot be helped. All you can do is try to find even more Apprentices who will make your Guardian job a success.

Factors That Make a Good Guardian

As I said earlier, your eagerness to help your Apprentice plays a major role. Other things that can help is maybe equal partying with your Apprentice to help him level (though there are downsides to equal partying. See above) and maybe buying a better weapon for your Apprentice or better armor. These two things are not REQUIRED however, so you don’t have to do them. But lower level armor and weapons are easy to afford for a higher level player and can be easily bought from the npc, while your Apprentice may not have enough extra cash to buy them. Also what may help is you could probably add to your Apprentices stats by +sing the armor or weapon by using those upgrading stones. But if you can’t afford the extra cost of buying or upgrading your Apprentice’s armor and/or weapons, you 100% don’t have to. It’s only an option you can make use of.

Requirements to Be a Guardian

To be a Guardian, you must be over level 20 (level 20 and above) and have a good amount of knowledge of Last Chaos. In other words, you must know what you're doing.

This is the end of the section on how to be a Guardian. Good luck!

From Chrisanimelo444

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