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Role: Tank; Weapon: Sword and Shield
In the hands of a Guardian, armor and a shield are as much a weapon as a sword. These steel-clad strategists can withstand the mightiest of blows, keeping enemies busy while their team goes all-out.


Stat Rating

Single Target ak-classes-131014-01-stars-2.png
Area Of Effect ak-classes-131014-01-stars-2.png
Defensive ak-classes-131014-01-stars-3.png
Evasive ak-classes-131014-01-stars-1.png
Heal ak-classes-131014-01-stars-0.png
Support ak-classes-131014-01-stars-2.png


Main Skills

Icon Name Type Level Range Radius CD(s) Description
e31ddbc12564f597602532fdf1cdccc4.jpg Sword Slash
Offense 1
2 2 2
Slash at the target while bolstering your defenses.
Effect: Decrease Damage received.
c8e5ba472cb111256779de1e728bb128.jpg Shield Bash
Offense 1
2 - 6
Slam a foe with your shield. Generates a high amount of malice.
Effect: Inflicts stun. Duration: 3 sec(s).
e9643a26e688a3c02005a0199d99f8f4.jpg Windfury
Offense 4
20 4 8
Charge single-mindedly at your target, hitting all enemies who stand in your path
Effect: Charges towards enemy
9bc43cddbb41961afc74504aa51de852.jpg Mirrored Shield
Buff 8
- - 45
Fortify your shield with your fighting spirit, sending your enemy's attack right back at them
Effect: Reflects damage. Duration: 30 sec(s)
ced62908ca3d1ac46204d0057961bd9a.jpg Thundercut
Offense 13
3 5 4
Coat the blade with lightning's sheen and lash out at the area in front of you, dealing powerful elemental damage and generating malice.
Effect: -
8961af7f4672d53685eb37d4bf2ab57c.jpg Phalanx
Buff 18
- - 40
Raise your shield like an iron wall, bolstering your defenses against all manner of attacks.
Effect: Decreases damage taken. Guardians get an additional 30% reduction in damage taken. Duration: 20 sec(s)
f0ca20a469b2476c5d17e7c7f3b8b88e.jpg Terrifying Roar
Offense 24
- 15 12
Belt out a furious roar, shocking all enemies around you and generating malice
Effect: Continuously generate malice in the surrounding area.Duration: 4 sec(s)
a003513c9dc9c74fdce3e00a1a3eefe0.jpg Defensive Posture Buff 30
- 20 4
Give the order to be on guard. Party members will be alert an resist attacks, greatly increasing DEF
Effect: Increase party members’ defense. Duration: 1800 sec(s) (consumes one Whistle of Defense)

Combo Skills

Icon Skill Name Effect Combination Skill Type Cooldown Description
3af3c63d973fdb8d54bc44074d6daac6.jpg Ice Sword
Enemy's movement speed -30%, lasts for 6 sec. Sword and Shield + Dual Blades Ice ATK 2 min Spin your Dual Blades to call up an icy whirlwind, then gather frost on the blade and lash out with an ice wave that wreaks havoc on enemies' bones and tendons, slowing them.
10b17437bf7983a940c8b9532c2835aa.jpg Thunder Slash
Taunt enemy into attacking you. Deals DOT, lasts for 8 sec. Sword and Shield + Dual Blades Thunder ATK 2 min Knock down the enemy with your Shield, followed by a spinning thunder cut from your Sword, a leap, then a dive with Dual Blades outstretched, dealing great damage and generating malice.
412a210be90cc1403e7c4a31aa7ca077.jpg Sanguine Blade
Drains 10% of damage taken by enemy to restore HP. Sword and Shield + Dual Blades ATK 2 min Slash wildly with your Dual Blades, somersault, then channel energy through your Sword & Shield to unleash a devastating shock that drains the enemy's health to restore your own.
b3c964f96fccac50eaae3db0b57cf3df.jpg Blade of Darkness
Decrease enemy's DEF, lasts 10 sec. Sword and Shield + Great Axe Dark ATK + debuff 2 min Grip your Sword and Shield and stab with the power of darkness, then switch to your Great Axe and lunge forward at top speed to shatter the enemy's defenses, dealing powerful Dark damage.
f727c720f819fece6b254ced68c5b634.jpg Cyclone Slash
Decrease enemy's ATK, lasts 10 sec. Sword and Shield + Great Axe ATK + debuff 2 min Gather strength in your shield to shock enemies, then make a spinning leap to smash the ground with your Great Axe, sending energy bursting forth to blow away all enemies.
173c1dc85fe309dbec43b72a783d7b92.jpg Wind Slash
Stuns enemy for 4 sec. Sword and Shield + Great Axe Storm ATK 2 min Slice through the air with the force of your Great Axe, then brandish your Shield and send out thunderous shockwaves, stunning the enemy and dealing powerful Storm damage.


Masters are passive skills that enhances your stats and skills. Only one Mastery from each category can be active at a time, but you can switch active skills at any time.

General Skills

Icon Skill Name Level Effect Description
14244a51b3e1b09359ee25bdad578b19.jpg Splitting Air Cut 14 Fortify 'Sword Slash'
Target's DEF -8%. Duration: 10 seconds
Pouring the weight and energy of one's entire body into a slash can create enough force to cleave a body from crown to crotch.
50 Fortify 'Sword Slash'
Target's DEF -10%. Duration: 10 seconds
Don't just swing the sword randomly. Find where the enemy has left themselves exposed and attack!
35a08e890864388bf2b696ca1cce8c30.jpg Booming Shield Bash 25 Fortify 'Shield Bash'
Damage can be spread over a small range.
Try twisting your body at the hips to increase the angle of your Shield Bash.
55 Fortify 'Shield Bash'
Damage can be spread over a mid-range.
I don't need a sword to break you; I can do it with my shield.
9ef35b871c827e601c216f8ce86f4883.jpg Burning Air Cut 28 Fortify 'Sword Slash'
Target's DMG -8%. Duration: 10 seconds
Focusing on the contact point of your Sword Slash can make your entire movement much more fluid.
55 Fortify 'Sword Slash'
Target's DMG -10%. Duration: 10 seconds
Swing the sword fast - so fast that the cut burns even after you make it!

Attack Spec

Icon Skill Name Level Effect Description
Divine Power DMG +5% Wanna increase your strength? It all starts with basic training.
30 DMG +7% You can always trust in your smooth, rippling muscles!
Foucs SPD +5% Speed is the great equalizer - even the strongest punch still has to hit its target.
30 SPD +7% Don't blink, or else you might miss me!
Murderous Intent CRT +5% Taking it easy on my enemies is tantamount to carelessness.
45 CRT +7% A truly fearsome fighter can make enemies wet themselves with just one surly glare. Awesome!
Zeal Every attack has a chance to cause 50% extra DMG strength isn't everything - your image speaks for you before your weapon.
10% chance to cause exrta 70% damage while attacking. This desire burns inside me, like an engine powering my every move!
Boost SPD +3%,DMG +2% By controlling the body flow of energy, I ensure that I use only as much as necessary. Waste not, want not!
45 SPD +5%, DMG +2% Calm your self, breath deeply, and clear your mind, creating a spring for energy to well up within.
65 SPD +6%, DMG +3% There are some answers that can not be told, only learned firsthand.

Advanced Skills

Icon Skill Name Level Effect Description

Defensive Skills

Icon Skill Name Level Effect Description

Tactical Skills

Icon Skill Name Level Effect Description

Special Skills

Icon Skill Name Level Effect Description

Envoy's path


Note* The envoy path is separated in what stats it gives. top left - Defensive attributes (Health Defense) top right - Attack speed and evasion (also has 20% reflect bonus) bottom left - Critical strikes bottom right - Damage

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