Grilled Venison (REP)

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Quest Information

Given From: Worker Mandor
Level Requirement: Level 34
Pre-requisites: None


Objectives: Collect 12 Fresh Sunbird Meat
Report to: Worker Mandor


12359 pt. Experience

46 silver.png 65 copper.png


Accept the quest. Kill Tropical Sunbirds or Red Sunbirds (Angoya Island) and catch 12 Fresh Sunbird Meat. Go to Worker Mandor for complete the quest


Quest Text

"In order to build the largest casino in the world, Red Coconut City's construction team works day and night."
"Laborers consume much energy."
"After a day's hard work, if one can eat some meat, then one feels compensated."
"Especially rotisserie Sunbird meat ¬°Al can't forget its tremendous delicious taste. Could you give me Sunbird meat?"

Reward Text

If I don't eat meat one day, I don't feel right."
"Not only me, the others are the same!"
"Rotisserie or deep fry, Sunbird meat must be eaten every day to generate energy."

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