Goblin Harassing Tactics (3) (Danger!)

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Goblin Harassing Tactics (3) (Danger!)
Retrieve the Letter of Talund from a Silverpick Goblin Spirit
Level and Modes
Level Mode EM NM HM UM
NPCs / Monsters Involved
Given byBalseAumeros Army Port
Reward byBalseAumeros Army Port
MonstersSilverpick Goblin Spirit
Rewards Gained
XP 38500 Gold 44750 Icon_Gold.png
Item(s) Gained None
Next QuestGoblin Harassing Tactics (4)
Quest(s) UnlockedNone

Items to Gather

Letter of Talund Silverpick Goblin Spirit


There are three Silverpick Goblin Spirits near a tower NE of Aidion Neckria, only one is real carrying the letter, the other two are illusory but can still harm you. At the level you receive this quest the Silverpick Goblin Spirits will likely kill you if you attempt it alone

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