Gem Enchantment

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For Human Gem Crafting see, Gemcrafting


Some weapons and armor contain slots, also called sockets.

These slots allow players embed magical gems or runes into their equipment.

  • Gems and runes can be purchased in Aven or dropped by monsters.


For more information on Sockets see, Equipment Socketing.

When a player acquires an item they may notice some items have a socket.

Gems may be used in these slots to give equipment a bonus stat.


  • If an item does not have a socket, players may purchase a chisel from the Item Mall.
  • Right-click the chisel in the inventory, then select the piece of equipment to socket.

To inlay a gem, right-click it, then click the item the player would like to add it to.

  • If the equipment meets the proper requirements, there is no chance of failure.


  • If a player wishes to remove a gem, they may use a Shattergem.
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