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What is a Game Sage?

  • Game Sages, known as GS's are selected (by the game's GM's) for their knowledge in a game as well as their willingness to help and their positive attitudes.
  • Game Sages are normal players with more responsibilities. A Game Sage is a representative of Aeria Games and serves to speak on behalf of Aeria Games to players and vice versa.
  • Game Sages help resolve player issues where they can and will call a GM if needed and when they can.
  • They also try to make the game more enjoyable for the players by running events for the players among other things.
  • If a Game Sage tells you that something is wrong and to stop doing it, do NOT try to debate it if it's obvious that it is borderline or even obviously wrong.
  • If there's a reasonable doubt as to whether it's right or wrong, then feel free to either make a post and see how the community feels or send in an email using the Contact Us form

GS Activities

GS activities includes, but are not limited to the following

  • Communicating with players about issues and bugs.
  • Documenting issues and bugs in the proper format.
  • Resolving in-game issues such as harassment, excessive foul language, etc.
  • Mediating between parties during arguments to prevent issues from being exploded out of proportion.
  • Providing gameplay help to players on both the forums and in-game.
  • Walking new players through important information when needed.
  • Testing new content (when possible and needed) on the test servers.
  • Coming up with new in-game events for the players.
  • Planning and organizing in-game events for the players.
  • Running in-game events for the players.
  • Being the first line of customer service for Aeria Games (first line almost always gets the most flak from players)

NOTE: Mediating an AP trade is NOT a Game Sage's duty, and Game Sages are NOT allowed to do them.

What GS's don't do (or have to do)

  • Power Level players
  • Physically help with dungeons and/or other quests (most GS's do help however, if they have time)
  • Give players items or gold
  • Put up with being harassed (GS's are normal players)

Current Lime Odyssey Game Sages

At the moment, all Game Sages have a Primary focus of Forum Support, once the game is released the primary focus will change to in-game and alternate focuses will be assigned accordingly.

IGN Forum Name
[GS]Latte Yulino
[GS]Zorcate MasterZorc08

Game Sage FAQ

Q: How do I become a Game Sage?
A: Wait for the applications to open up (Keep and eye on the forums). Read the instructions, follow the instructions, and hope you get accepted. It would be a good idea to already be helping people before applying.

Q: Can Game Sages spawn a boss monster for me?
A: No, as I stated before, Game Sages are just normal players.

Q: How much do Game Sages get paid?
A: Game Sages are volunteers. Meaning we get no money for the service we provide the players.

Q: How do I report a Game Sage or any other Volunteer?
A: Whether it's to report positive or negative behavior, it's best to use the Contact Us form.

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