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What is a Game Sage?

  • Game Sages, known as GS's are selected (by the game's GM's) for their knowledge in a game as well as their willingness to help and their positive attitudes.
  • Game Sages are normal players with more responsibilities. A Game Sage is a representative of Aeria Games and serves to speak on behalf of Aeria Games to players and vice versa.
  • Game Sages help resolve player issues where they can and will call a GM if needed and when they can.
  • They also try to make the game more enjoyable for the players by running events for the players among other things.
  • If a Game Sage tells you that something is wrong and to stop doing it, do NOT try to debate it if it's obvious that it is borderline or even obviously wrong.
  • If there's a reasonable doubt as to whether it's right or wrong, then feel free to either make a post and see how the community feels or send in an email using the Contact Us form

GS Activities

GS activities includes, but are not limited to the following

  • Communicating with players about issues and bugs.
  • Documenting issues and bugs in the proper format.
  • Resolving in-game issues such as harassment, excessive foul language, etc.
  • Mediating between parties during arguments to prevent issues from being exploded out of proportion.
  • Providing gameplay help to players on both the forums and in-game.
  • Walking new players through important information when needed.
  • Testing new content (when possible and needed) on the test servers.
  • Coming up with new in-game events for the players.
  • Planning and organizing in-game events for the players.
  • Running in-game events for the players.
  • Being the first line of customer service for Aeria Games (first line almost always gets the most flak from players)

NOTE: Mediating an AP trade is NOT a Game Sage's duty, and Game Sages are NOT allowed to do them.

What GS's don't do (or have to do)

  • Power Level players
  • Physically help with dungeons and/or other quests (most GS's do help however, if they have time)
  • Give players items or gold
  • Put up with being harassed (GS's are normal players)

Current Grand Fantasia Game Sages

This list is accurate as of February 08th, 2013


Channel 1

  • Username: OSSini | IGN: GSMilka | Focuses: Forums / In-Game Support
  • Username: sIink | IGN: GSLily | Focuses: Forums / In-Game Support
  • Username: KylieghRein | IGN: GSKyliegh | Focuses: Forums / In-Game Support / Wiki

Channel 2

  • Username: AKFrost | IGN: GSQingXia | Focuses: Forums / In-Game Support / Bugs
  • Username: Economist_X | IGN: GSChiru | Focuses: Forums / In-Game Support / Bugs

Channel 3

  • Username: quiet_insult | IGN: GSSukinei | Focuses: Forums / In-Game Support
  • Username: FlowerCaster | IGN: GSSnow | Focuses: Forums / In-Game Support
  • Username: Fenize | IGN: GSMorfene | Focuses: Forums / In-Game Support


Channel 1

  • Username: minahope | IGN: GSAlice | Focuses: Forums / In-Game Support / Wiki
  • Username: fuzz197 | IGN: GSFuzzy | Focuses: Forums / In-Game-Support
  • Username: hopeflow | IGN: GSLyn | Focuses: Forums / In-Game-Support

Channel 2

  • Username: masterwinstonx | IGN: GSDesu | Focuses: Forums/ In-Game Support / Bugs
  • Username Izzeth | IGN: GSIzze | Focuses Forums / In-Game Support

Game Sage FAQ

Q: How do I become a Game Sage?
A: You can apply to become a Grand Fantasia Game Sage by visiting the Game Sage Application Thread in General Discussion when it's up. Read the instructions, follow the instructions, and hope you get accepted. It would be a good idea to already be helping people before applying.

Q: Can Game Sages spawn a boss monster for me?
A: No, as stated before, Game Sages are just normal players.

Q: How much do Game Sages get paid?
A: Game Sages are volunteers. Meaning they get no money for the service they provide the players.

Q: How do I report a Game Sage or any other Volunteer?
A: Whether it's to report positive or negative behavior, visit This forum page and complete the form, alternatively click here to send an RT

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