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A Game Sage is a community volunteer, who has been recognized for their expertise in one or more games. They are normal players, but have the assistance of the Game Masters Team with their community services.


Game Sage activity

The GS team activity is recognized in three specific areas:

Forum support, where they help players to find answers to their questions about the game.
In-Game Events, where the Game Sages organize, run, and promote events beyond those offered by the game itself.
In-Game Support, where the Game Sages provide answers to questions, work as mediators for disputes, and generally assist the players to enjoy their gameplay.
Game Sages cannot ban a player from trade chat, forums, or the game. That is a power only a GM has. But as the Game Sage team works in collaboration with the Game Master team, the Game Sage can contact a GM, and when a GM is asked for, one always comes and takes the appropriate actions against the wrong-doers.
Game Sages can "Chat all members" to give out messages to the whole server.

Listen to your Game Sages. Game Play is much easier, and more fun, when the rules are obeyed.

Applying for Game Sage position

Membership to the Game Sage program is limited. Recruitment is always open. For more info on applying see this topic: GS Application Information Every member of the Shaiya community is welcome to apply, as long as they meet the requirements.


The requirements to be a Game Sage are:

+ Must meet Community Volunteer requirements:

Headline text

+ Must be over 16

 + Must have time to contribute to the community in their specified role
+ Have record of contribution on forums and in game
+ Have strong people skills and enthusiasm and knowledge
+ Have desire to expand and improve the community
+ Show teamwork and ability to work and foster discussions with others
+ Have or be willing to meet any additional requirements in their specified role
+ May not be on any watched or banned lists.

+ Must have 2 months experience with the game. (may be waived)
+ Must have been an Aeria Games Member for 2 months.
+ Must have met the specified level/rank/achievement levels. (For Shaiya there aren't any level, rank or class requirements)
+ Must have met the forum post requirements for the game.

Application process

The application for Game Sage consists of two steps that must be precisely followed.

Step 1 : Public application

The answers to the following questions must be posted in the appropriate application thread that is open in the forums (Shaiya/General discussion - ) (Please, do not edit the wiki article with your application - applications are only accepted on forums, this is only a preview of the application form)

Why would you make a good Game Sage

A. What community contributions have you made that shows you would make a good game sage?

B. What experience do you have running/hosting organizational events?

C. What experience do you have helping people find solutions to their problems?

D. What experience do you have with our forum community?

E. Please give a short description of what you think a good GameSage does.

F. Why do you want to be a GameSage for THIS game (and not another)?

G. Anything else you would like us to know?(Use this section for us to get to know you and your personality)

Step 2: Apply using the Contact us Form

Apply using the contact us form ( Your application must be sent under the "Shaiya issues" label. Include the following information:

1. Your Aeria Games Account.

2. The Team/Game/Server that you are applying for.

3. Your IGN for the Game you are applying for.

4. The Level/Class/Clan/Side of your character?

5. How Long have you been playing the game?

6. The Server you are applying for?

7. YIM (Yahoo IM)or YIM compatible ID?

8. Have you ever been banned, or had disciplinary action taken against you. If so, explain.

9. What existing GS(s) is willing to endorse you?

10. Would any of these GS be willing to train you, if you are chosen?

11. Are you willing to stop all level/equipment/character advancement, so that you have time for GameSage Duties?

12. Are you willing to change servers/sides if needed to perform GS duties?

13. A Link to your posting in step 1.

The Game Sage List

For the most recent list of Shaiya Volunteers please check the The Shaiya Current GS/GM List, which is being updated regularly.

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