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Current Grand Fantasia GM's

  • Green Highlights are also working with Eden Eternal
Current GF Aeria Team as of July 21st, 2012
IGN Forum Name
[GM]8bit GM8Bit
GMTenring GMTenRing
GMMokona GMMokona
GMObspho GMObspho
GMPizza GMPizza
GMNyago GMNyago
GMaiMBackwards GMaiMBackwards
GMExia GMExia
GMGreywulf GMGreywulf
PMilaff aeria.ilaff
PMPuffer aeria.puffer

What Do The GM's do?

Well, we all know the GM's are those mystical behind the scenes people that ban the bad guys, host events for us and reply to our RT's, but what exactly do the GM's do? Below is a list of GM responsibilities taken from Aeria's Game Master job description webpage

  • Test and document bugs
  • Draft and outline possible game enhancements and features
  • Address and resolve customer/player issues
  • Develop and maintain customer/player relations
  • Investigate and document complex issues with regard to bugs, game exploits, trade and other potential issues
  • Distinguish for the team and other departments between high and low priority items, focusing on areas yielding the greatest return, and make sound determinations based on what requires a "sense of urgency"
  • Document and communicate game/technical/investigation issues to technical staff
  • Document and communicate in-game community satisfaction, revenue stream, and revenue-building opportunities to management
  • Organize and run events for the community of players
  • Provide input on content driven events, updates, and future enhancements
  • Monitor game servers to ensure stability and fair game play
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